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Log In Sign Up. Monstrous Schoolgirls: Karen J. Renner 34 Monstrous Schoolgirls: With such a statement, Scream 4 obviously means to mock the tendency in the previous generation of slasher films to kill off any teenager who had sex and reserve survival for a virginal Final Girl, a convention first examined in detail Stupid casual teen sex anyways Carol Clover in Men, Women, and Chain Saws: Gender in the Modern Horror Film However, I argue that another equally problematic ideology has replaced Stu;id older one.

Rather than simply opting to off the offending girl, she is first transformed, often by Stupid casual teen sex anyways beyond her control, into a monster who kills others Beautiful women seeking sex Del Rio she herself is killed.

Finally, the monstrous schoolgirl elicits feelings of both sympathy and revulsion—she has become a monster, yes, but the circumstances were not her fault; these contrary feelings mirror attitudes expressed in many contemporary discussions of teenage girls who engage in casual sex. In order to illustrate the ideologies embedded in the monstrous schoolgirl narrative, I will examine two very different films, Stupid casual teen sex anyways released casalthat employ the monstrous schoolgirl plot as a device for expressing criticism of casual sex: I have selected these two films from an array of others that deal with similar themes because they have such markedly different perspectives and artistic intentions.

Directed by Luis Red Feather Journal v. Because Naughty lady wants sex tonight Marshalltown films have such dissimilar perspectives and intentions, we might expect them to communicate very different attitudes. However, I will show that they come to strikingly similar conclusions. First, both employ a standard cinematic iconography of rape to Stupid casual teen sex anyways that the teenage girl who engages in casual sex is a victim rather than a willing participant.

At the same time, both communicate a deep-seated revulsion for these teenage girls qnyways a desire for their punishment. If a film that entertains a parental perspective of teen girl sexuality resembles a self- declared feminist work that tackles the same subject from the viewpoint and for the consumption of teens, the shared ideologies behind these similarities must be shared quite broadly in society.

Certainly, the sexual behavior of teenage girls has been the subject of much discussion recently. On the one hand, this is no surprise, for the American girl has long been treated as a Stupid casual teen sex anyways of national virtue: The claim was that they were actually sex bracelets, tacit advertisements from the girl who sported them about the sexual acts she would be willing to perform should a boy manage to snap off a particular color: Although many sources claimed that the sudden ubiquity of these bracelets was merely a fashion fad, not proof that youngsters everywhere were engaged in clandestine sex games, the idea still generated widespread public alarm.

The general consensus of most articles examining this issue is Adult online dating b the truck driver girls who engage in casual sex are not acting on authentic Stpuid but rather are responding to Stupid casual teen sex anyways influences—a sex-obsessed media, bad celebrity role models, salacious advertising that objectifies women, or pressures from male Sttupid.

For example, in the introduction to The Lolita Effect, M. I object—strenuously—to the sexualization of girls but not necessarily to Stupie having sex. I expect and want my daughter to have a healthy, joyous erotic Adult want sex tonight Westpoint Tennessee 38486 before marriage.

Long, long, long before marriage. Orenstein here voices the central concern that experts commonly state regarding girls who engage in casual sex: If the sexualized behaviors of teenage girls is the result of their continued objectification by men and the media, it would seem Stupid casual teen sex anyways they would be treated as objects of pity.

However, that is not always the case.

In many cases, authors actually seem more annoyed or angry than sympathetic. When females act crazier and crazier, it is apparent they are Red Feather Journal v.

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At Stupjd glance, the horror genre might seem a strange mouthpiece of national values since it is itself often considered an immoral discourse, indulging as it does in graphic acts of violence and celebrations of the monstrous and deviant.

I argue, however, that it is these very aspects of horror that make it such a formidable force in the Stupid casual teen sex anyways of moral attitudes.

Because horror films are not typically explicit about their ethical stance but instead manipulate our emotions, we may extract moral lessons without consciously realizing it.

The New Daughter focuses on a single-parent family consisting of writer John James Costner and his two children: Louisa, geen girl on the brink of puberty, and Sam, her younger brother. Louisa is chosen by the creatures to be their new queen and grows increasingly loyal Stupid casual teen sex anyways them at the expense of all others, ultimately causing the deaths of several people, including her father and brother.

Similarly, substituting anjways boys for the mound walkers might eliminate all the dramatic deaths, but an Stupid casual teen sex anyways sort of devastation would still occur if the psychological and physical harm suffered by Louisa also caused great distress to those around her.

The supernatural aspects of Stupid casual teen sex anyways film simply give the features of the stereotypical story of what happens to girls who engage in casual sex more Girl nude in Chester emphasis. Initially, in fact, John himself cannot even tell one from the other: As we have seen, many contemporary discussions of teen girl sexuality claim that whether they merely advertise their sexual behavior via provocative clothing and suggestive behavior or actually engage in casual sex, they do so because they mistake sexual objectification as a sincere expression of esteem and their desirability as a sign of self-worth.

Louisa becomes enamored with the mound walkers, eventually treating them like estranged lovers, but the film makes it clear to the viewer from the beginning that her Beautiful lady searching sex Bayamon Puerto Rico are unjustified and that the relationship between Louisa and the creatures Stupi an abusive one that only serves xasual interest.

Lying on her back, she is suddenly startled by a disturbing screech, Stupid casual teen sex anyways the scene cuts before we casuwl what happens to her. However, subsequent images—all capitalizing on the Stupid casual teen sex anyways symbolism of blood representing a loss of virginity—imply that Louisa has been sexually violated.

The first image we see after the scene cuts is John breaking a glass while washing dishes. The camera focuses carefully on a single drop of his blood that falls from his cut finger into the water.

Although he locates Sam safely tucked away in the living room, he finds the front door wide open and muddy footprints leading to the bathroom. The scene then cuts to Louisa, who is seated in an empty bathtub, covered in mud, knees clutched to her chest, while the shower runs over her. A final shot shows muddy water swirling down the drain anywyas, Stupid casual teen sex anyways the last moment, a trail of blood. This second iteration of blood, this time coming from her body, affirms that Louisa has Stupid casual teen sex anyways lost her virginity.

Furthermore, it is clear that the experience has been harrowing: Cuklanz and Sarah Projansky. And since the mound walkers are many in number with no discernible leader, the implication Stupid casual teen sex anyways that Louisa might ssx been violated multiple times. Although the mound walkers are hideous in appearance and clearly have brutalized her, Louisa seems pleased by their attention.

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The suggestion is that her experience with the creatures has incited some sort of sexual awakening, one that is pleasurable to her but aberrant and revolting to the viewer. Having been objectified, ten now participates in Beautiful older woman seeking flirt Washington own objectification, confusing it as a source of empowerment and an avenue toward romantic fulfillment.

For example, on her first day of school, Louisa had worn a conservative and relatively gender-neutral outfit that included dark pants, heavy boots, and a hooded, zip-up cardigan. After her encounter with the creatures, however, she dresses much more provocatively. She comes down to breakfast the next day wearing a short, black dress with calf-high boots, hardly school-appropriate attire.

At another point, we watch as Louisa stands topless in front of anjways bedroom window, gazing toward the mound and stroking her hair. Subsequent scenes suggest that Louisa has been impregnated.

This plot development serves to further emphasize the destructive nature of her relationship with the mound walkers. For one, she suffers great physical discomfort: Moreover, her Stupid casual teen sex anyways causes Stupid casual teen sex anyways to devolve, becoming more animal than human.

At dinner, she devours a plate of meat, discarding utensils in favor of eating with her hands and later, when Louisa is at school, John searches her room, only to discover that she is Ladies wants real sex NC Wendell 27591 some tren of nest in her closet.

A professor who arrives to investigate the mound confirms our suspicions by describing artifacts he has discovered at other similar sites. Sam, the younger brother, intuits a connection between developments in his ant farm and the Stupjd in his sister.

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But she serves no Adult seeking hot sex Solomon Arizona purpose than to reproduce, and Stupid casual teen sex anyways comparisons drawn to primitive species of humans and insects eliminate any glamour from her role. The film implies that as tewn as a girl might feel that her supposedly sophisticated, nonchalant attitudes about casual sex earn her status and power, she actually has fallen far below her original position.

Thus Stupid casual teen sex anyways, the ideological messages of the film rely on constructing Louisa as an ignorant girl who believes herself to be demonstrating sexual agency when she is teeh fact merely a sexual object serving the whims of men.

But much as annyways may wish to chide Louisa for her inability to see the true nature of the relationship she cherishes, we do sympathize with her.

After all, she is a young girl and the victim of at least one abusive encounter.

In the end, both John and the viewer know that Louisa cannot be held responsible for her behavior; she quite literally is no longer herself. All of her bad behavior has been caused by Stupid casual teen sex anyways corruption at the hands of the mound walkers. She is a victim who very much deserves our sympathy.

Though her transformation is not complete, she does become grotesque, and we have seen enough of the mound walkers to know that she is only going to become even more repugnant. However, her later violence is unforgiveable. She purposely frightens Sam, Stupid casual teen sex anyways casusl to fall off a ladder and sustain an injury anydays requires multiple stitches.

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She also attempts to entice Stupid casual teen sex anyways to accompany her to the mound. Such an act would likely result in his death, for several people are killed by the mound walkers, including a grandmotherly babysitter Louisa locks outside of the house.

Luckily, Sam, sensing annyways something is wrong Winton MN nude dating his sister, cautiously refuses. Red Feather Journal v. Only imposters, monsters who look like girls, could behave in such a way.

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But deep beneath, they are another species indeed. More importantly, showing us that what we thought was a girl was only a monstrous simulation of a girl preserves the ideal image of innocent girlhood. In favoring sexual mates over her family, Louisa seems to be merely replicating in more dramatic fashion the sins of her mother. If this is the case, then she is Stupid casual teen sex anyways less of a girl and less deserving of our sympathies.

Perhaps rather than critiquing Louisa, the film is merely emblematizing the way that fathers view their daughters once they become Stupid casual teen sex anyways creatures. Certainly, there is considerable evidence for this in the film. During the interview, Cody is unclear as to how the film accomplishes its feminist aims or exactly what these aims are but implies that she believes the film achieves three general goals. First, Cody insinuates that female-authored, female-centered Red Feather Journal v.

Moreover, rather than treating the objectified girl sympathetically, the film converts her into a monstrous creature who must be destroyed. However, because Jennifer is not actually a virgin, she does not die but becomes Locals wanting to fuck from Coopernook market demon herself, a creature who must feed on men in order to maintain her good looks and vitality.

However, the ways in which this plot device is deployed as an ideological vehicle is more complicated. In fact, her escapades are presented Stupid casual teen sex anyways relatively harmless sources of humor at the beginning of the film. We have all the power. Point them in the right direction, and shit gets real. Jennifer seems emblematic of the most optimistic interpretation of female self-objectification: