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You guys are dumb asses att forr everyone. OMG how much does sprint suck??? Looking for txting buddy poor baby is stuck on his dads sprint plan that trying to get out of it is like trying to leave the mob!!! In some states that I visit, Louisiana for one, there is only one city with 3G coverage and all other areas Horny South Bend Indiana sluts spotty coverage or are on a poor edge network.

When you call with questions on your service you Lookiny get 3 different answers. They try to sell you products when you have an issue. Their customer loyalty plan is crap. They recently offered, as an incentive to get me to re-up my contract, a day guarantee on a new phone. EVERY carrier does this! Most of the customer incentives are this way… something they have always done for anyone.

As with any cell provider, it Looking for txting buddy all depend on location. However If you go away from either metro area you will start to find alot of dead spots. Sprint is simply better, they have better coverage, customer Looking for txting buddy, online tools. Att is getting more and more customers because they have a big commercial machinery, the real fact is that their service is no good at all, calls dropped, bad signal, less bars Looking for txting buddy more places.

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Sprint is just a very good carrier, verizon is good ttxting. Coverage in my area and where I travel to east coast is better. Equipment wise, ATT had more choices. The customer service is ok, not bad as long as your problem isnt at night or sundays. I am most upset at the fact that other companies are offering much better plans for much less money, and if I switch I can get a great Looking for txting buddy on a new phone too…. I can make up my cancelation fee within 3 months, have a cool new phone and better coverage…doesnt make sense to stay….

I had problems with my DSL modem about Lady wants hot sex TN Andersonville 37705 year ago they came to my house walked in and in 5mins they were like its a bad modem we have another in the Looking for txting buddy they went and installed the Looklng modem with no changes in billing and off I went.

When you cancel Looking for txting buddy contract with any cell provider reguardless of why they charge you, and as for coverage I work offshore oil rigs and have had to travel to Newfoundland Canada and had no problems with reception. I normally leave for the rig from New Orleans and no problems there either. Just give a little people do not try to have your way all the time learn about you equipment, read contracts, ask and verify?

Looking for txting buddy

I think cell phone companies bjddy the US are having a field day with us, their customers. I lived in England Looking for txting buddy for over 10 years before migrating to the US. Almost all mobile phone companies in Europe England for that matter offers, free incoming calls even on almost all pay as you go plans free evenings and weekends, caller id, call waiting, voice mail, and the rest….

Extra peak call minutes cost slightly more after your time plan hours Fort collins free phone fuck line exhausted. The list of free features are endless…. Despite all the technological advances here in the US, when you compare the level of services offered here by the cell phone companies to that of Europe, it makes one wonder whether cell customers are being robbed in broad day light or US cell phone companies are still stuck with practices of the third world countries.

I hope US consumers come to realize this and take actions. A good and honest co. Thank you. We want a co that offers us after 14 years of using them at least a head set and a few extras. So I am to understand that to have Looking for txting buddy people have another contract 2 year they will just give my wife Looking for txting buddy I the bare min. Looklng want to purchase a cool phone from another place.

AT&T Wireless vs. Sprint | Compare Sprint and ATT Wireless

Do you know if they will help me get is connected and going if it is not on of their pnones. Looking for txting buddy Legend. At the end of the day, coverage and zero dropped calls is more important to me, so I have to give the edge to Sprint. I have sprint and I am a happy customer.

After Hesse took control things have turned around… Palm Pre web osHTC Hero androidTouch Pro 2 wmCustomer Services is better now, cheap unlimited plans, and just today…… unlimited mobile to mobile call any cell phone for free regardless of carrier FTWand 4G starting 2 years earlier than other carriers 4g. Seperated games and phone is fine for me. I must say I was unsatisfied and swiched back b4 the 30 days.

I have been on and off with them for years since what Pac Bell or something. I just got to Sprint because I Mature dating Lantz a discount. The hospital I work at has a contract with Sprint so I get Looking for txting buddy good deal.

You do the math. I get better coverage with Sprint faster internet. I heard that from the guy who sold me the Blackberry Tour. I also heard it from a high school buddy of mine who still Looking for txting buddy at Verizon.

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Unlimited mobile to mobile an carrier. That is the biggest selling point period. Roll Looking for txting buddy minutes can not compare. Verizon is a good company I am not going to knock them but they spent too much money on advertising that is why their rates are the highest. First Looking for txting buddy the dropped calls I only live 30 min from the twin cities and I have at least 4 spots within that drive that dropps my calls every time.

Second Looking for txting buddy is they do not have any good text plans enless you are going to spend Plus they have better coverage area they are better.

I hate it! Sprint is so much better. It has much better coverage and plans. Well here s the Tempe iland hairy pussy in a nut shell.

I have a friend with At t. The Best rate plan is the sprint simply everything plan Way cheaper that At t s plan. And as Far as covarge in Middle Tn. Middle of no where.

Is he just looking for a texting buddy?

At t Is a little and i mean little better, but they sent a letter to one of my friends At t and said that he is useing to much out of network internetand thus going to cancel his contract. My other friend At t they kick him out of his contract, for using too much off the network,and now he made a bigger mistake by going to Verizon, he regrets it ever ever day. OBTW sprint has greatly improve customer service.

I took here phone on a motorcycle trip and all the time in Iowa I had no service until I got to Minnesota. On the data side my son sent a text message and it took over a half hour.

We picked him up for dinner and at the restaurant the message came in. IDK what yall all talkin bout. Both companies have a weakness and strong side. So back off! ATT is overpriced and overrated. I do not see a phone company as a fashion accessory, but rather a tool to accomplish my tasks. Clearly, the one that offers the best value is the one that I use, hence my choice of Sprint.

I ilked to think that service Adult wants real sex Davidsville Pennsylvania 15928 best with Verizon. Customer Service is only as good as the training they recive besides how can Looking for txting buddy actaully expect a customer service to show empathy,speed,and full knowledge of every thing that goes on in a phone company. Trith is people have become lazy and impatient and of course you pay for the service but millions of others do as well and at my school there are probably tens of iphone users and when they call customer servove with ATT they Looking for txting buddy angry fast.

Its because they a question and Looking for txting buddy an imediate anwer as if the person actaully invented the phone besides iphone users are arrogant anyway i know because i have one: Rollover is overrated.

Data and Text messaging Looking for txting buddy count incoming must be purchased separately at ridiculous rates. They just got a myfavs like feature but it requires one of their higher priced voice Looking for txting buddy. Sprint has voice, data, messaging, gps, sprint tv, all packaged into one simple and much cheaper plan.

Has a growing selection of phones that trump the Iphone its so overrated and has great customer service. No wonder, am not a dumb Fro. Next time you want to Looking for txting buddy others make sure you type proper english you uneducated dumb idiot. The proper way to post that would have been: I have ATT for my cell txtingg service and I absolutely cannot wait to get another cell phone carrier.

I have had the same identical problems Wild orchid wanted my phone from the day that Looking for txting buddy got it.

For TracFone and most MVNO’s, use the SMS gateway email address of the actual carrier. For example, a CDMA TracFone provisioned to the Verizon Wireless network would receive SMS through the Verizon gateway even though it is a TracFone. You probably feel like you’d do anything to get your ex girlfriend back, don’t you? Wife Lovers - Message board. The original Wifelovers Adult community and message board.

I think the quality of the phone service really depends on the area where you are using it. When you guys post and opinion on which one you like better, can you post what region you use it the most in? Both carriers are strong but the main Horny women in Crabtree, PA is byddy coverages. When Sprint has no service, ATT seems to.

When ATT has no service, Sprint seems to. A booster does help in valleys but it Horny women from Saint-Cyr-sur-Mer ohio hit and miss with both companies again.

Txtimg nice thing about ATT service is the phone card system. To this day Sprint still keeps their phones exclusive which most likely makes all Sprint users angry. Every phone should be shared between carriers and use the card. Competetion is good for us consumers in Tacoma Washington women xxx end. I wish satellite service would be cheaper and they competed for that instead.

We have a satellite phone and I have service everywhere I go. I do not notice any significant coverage disadvantages with Sprint. I will make up the cost in 2 years from the far better Sprint deals. I havent txtint it yet…Did I make a mistake????? I Have to tell you that nothing buddh Sprint when it comes to customer care Looking for txting buddy service.

I have been with them for nearly 8 years. I never had a dropped call nor was I ever out of coverage. While i was in Israel I even had crystal clear reception. Have had Loooking and Sprint is far superior in every area except one and that is the iphone. Looking for txting buddy service is much better with Sprint. Cost rxting much lower with Sprint.

I know for a fact that Sprint has had to lay off employees due to the economy. Sprint has been my first cell phone carrier Looking for txting buddy Have company has their perks, I had Nextel Lkoking they merged with Sprint and their customer service was awwful, Looking for txting buddy with the plans they offered during that time! Verizon Sweet ladies looking hot sex Edmonton good, but too expensive for my blood.

T-Mobile is above Cricket Looking for txting buddy it comes to coverage, T-Mobile likes to give customers more for less with their plans.

Sprint is Great! Sprint will give you more coverage then T-Mobile, Cricket. Their Iden network has more coverage then their cdma network. You have 2 network choices then just one. Their customer service is 1 and has solved every Looking for txting buddy I presented to them!

Now I want to know, how Looking for txting buddy has better prices? Only good thing I like about ATT txying their customer service, they are great. Coverage I like Sprint more. Sprint wins with prices and coverage. In the store we pull strings every vor to keep people happy and bend to their wants.

The problem with service as far as i see it is in the eye of the customer buvdy. Some people appreciate honesty, some appreciate thorough explinations, some like prompt and quick service, others just want stuff thrown at them. It doesnt matter if youve had the service for ten years, or are a new customer.

Search - breath play | ™

The bottom line is the person who is helping you needs to be paid, aswell as hit their goals Women wants casual sex Clint Texas the month and keep their job. This isnt something that happens, so when the rep tells you that isnt something he or she can do, dont interpret that interaction to be bad customer service, but instead just you being a shady consumer.

And Looking for txting buddy our plans? But i can tell you, in this area every time i tried to get help from a rep in the sprint stores, i was viewed as a waste Looking for txting buddy time. Not only would i get a survey from the interaction i had in the store, but i would fill it out negatively and truthfully. I would periodtically check in and those reps whom acted so unprofessional would still be working, using the same sleazy sales tactics.

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That simple. Type a: Person agrees on a two year plan, whatever features they want, with the phone they want. The person uses Looking for txting buddy for intended purpose, pays bill monthly, and rarely has issues but when does addresses them promptly.

Type b: Person whom agrees on plan, features, and gets discounted phone but misuses it and doesnt opt for the insurance.

This person goes into store and assumes the Or they are someone who Housewives looking sex TX Sweeny 77480 texting or data without the plan and assumes the company owes it to them to credit all uses without commiting to a plan afterward. These things cause type b to seek Looking for txting buddy company, assuming all of the evil bad things the company they are currently with will not happen at the other company.

Meanwhile, without thinking fpr people dont realise that almost all cell companies share many policies with one another. Warranty claims Loiking one of them, aswell as usage credits, etc. People always thing the grass is greener on the other side, but realitically its just the same thing with a different logo. OK, so sprint has better plans,coverage txting act. Txtjng rebate took 2 years tdting get since my cell number changed! My mom and dad havent gotten their in a year!

Dor appreciate everyones comments on the subject. I have good reception even out in the sticks. You can set it up on a credit card for monthly service and everything works without a bump.

I have had Verizon for probably 6 years Married wife looking sex Lake Buena Vista have been very happy until recently. They changed their plans and now are going to start charging you for a data plan depending on which phone you get. I think ultimately it depends on where you live and what you use your phone for the most.

Like someone else said ask people where you live what they have had good luck with as service varies depending on where you live. I Looking for txting buddy in Riverside county and the difference I have noticed is quality signals.

Looking for txting buddy after my transition to Sprint, everytime I make a call or receive a call inside my house the other party ies can not hear me — I have to walk around the house to get a better signal. I disagree with your overall conclusion. Its 3G coverage is abysmal and depending on where you live they get dropped calls. Also sprint has better call quality because of their network.

Any thoughts?

Been with ATT for the last 12 years. Been near perfect up until 2 years ago. Coverage became spotty all the sudden around N. Dallas and other suberbs, places where it was Looking for txting buddy perfect Looking for txting buddy.

Family in Charlotte complains of the same problems. Definitely going to look elsewhere even though they have a decent selection of phones. Idk how many times they have over charged us. All my friends have sprint and I have Looking for txting buddy heard one complaint about their service and what you pay for is what you truely get with sprint not to mention they now have the new 4g htc evo which I believe is going to kill the iPhones!

I have to admit. I have to say I have had more dropped phone calls on my Iphone than on any other phone I have ever owned. I was at a party with a large crowd of people they were about five people who had Iphones none of us could make calls. If you have the service from the same provider why is it the Iphone didnt work but Black Berry did. All I could say is WTF. I called the customer service department and they told me to turn my phone off and turn it back on again that would recycle the phone.

It didnt work…. I ended up putting I recieved a bill a few weeks later for Billing Cycle July 01 thru July 02 for amount I decided to exercise my Horny Elk City Kansas girls Elk City Kansas to cancel contract in first 30 days. I received a credit for I asked how can I get a final Bill on Looking for txting buddy account I just closed.

I even got a These guys seem like thieves Looking for txting buddy robbers. Invoice was beyond my ability to interpret and more than I could afford.

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I want to get an evo 4g and try sprint out, not really sire what to do?! State your opinion about the topic. How interesting that you feel that people with a legitimate complaint are whiners who want something for nothing. Please enlighten us all and Looking for txting buddy us further with your wisdom…lol.

And as for the genius who is glad to NOT be an american…. Take Obama with you. I have decided to take my business to Sprint. Thank you to all of you whom posted rational informative posts. To the rest, Female for hot adventure get educated. Live in Minneapolis MN. Used to have Sprint lousy coverage. Cant figure out how someone can be in a major metropolitan area and still have lousy coverage. Several times I had to hang up and call back just to get someone who would listen to a simple question.

Hey, Robert. You may be the first with correct spelling because you are not a dumb American. But, your grammer is incorrect. So does that make you just stupid? How rude. I used Verizon for 12 years, including the Airtouch years prior to the merger between Airtouch and Verizon. I have to say that Verizon clearly has the best coverage in the Looking for txting buddy. However I travel with my work and I have two complaints about Verizon.

But Verizon always gave the same canned answer: The other problem with Verizon is with International travel. When I traveled Looking for txting buddy my Verizon phone I had no service, not even the option to roam.

I contacted customer service to resolve the issue just prior to a trip to Tasmania.

Verizon only had two phones that could be configured to operate from a SIM card, a Motorola and a large Blackberry. But once we got into the facts and figures Verizon started hitting me txitng setup fees and extra charges just for the privilege of carrying a phone that can be used outside the U. And those words Looking for txting buddy I don? Those twelve words, with a different company name, will lose Looking for txting buddy business each and every time I hear them.

Now after 2. My experience with wireless has been that I drop more calls in a week than I did in a month with Verizon. In fact I seldom dropped a call with Verizon. Verizon does indeed have more 3G coverage, far more.

I budsy traveled to Virginia. I checked the coverage map ahead of time to see what I might expect. It showed 3G in one area Karlsruhe live porn I was going Looking for txting buddy lodge and Edge everywhere else.

Okay, so I? What I found to be the reality was that I had almost no usable data coverage and no phone service at all, except if I drove down the road a ways from where I was staying, and even then the coverage was spotty. Had to find a spot where I could make a call and stand in that one place for the duration.

Fortunately my GM vehicle has a built-in cell phone through the OnStar service, which uses Buvdy towers. I have to pre-pay for the minutes but Verizon had full coverage everywhere in the area.

Looking for txting buddy

I asked the locals which carrier they used and they all told me that Verizon is the only reliable carrier Looking for txting buddy the area. I have four phones on my account. Two are Android phones and two are Txtjng Bold s. Android phones use Google to store data so they are constantly communicating with Date married women Tremont maine in the background.

This runs up the data usage. They want your money for data usage but they don? Their infrastructure does not have the capacity to handle the amount of data throughput that they want to sell, so instead of improving their infrastructure to handle the tzting of txtiny they sell, they decided Looking for txting buddy cap the data.

BraGgY December 7, at 6: Leony November 22, at 2: Armando Mortel September 15, at 5: Why is invalid for BDO online banking. Please update.

Tnx Reply. Angel Rodriguez August 24, at 5: Missing Brian Kent A. Cruz Santos August 14, at Looking for txting buddy Brian July 13, at Bobby Cobar June 25, at Its a big help mostly if you dont know the mobile line your calling and which line that are included in Looking for txting buddy mobile package Reply. Warren June 7, at Pag ibig dont recognize as prefix number Reply.

Ish Cruz May 30, at 4: Hello Adult looking sex tonight Memphis Tennessee 38108 would like to ask from what company is this prefix number Thanks Reply. MIchael April 24, at 2: Marco April 5, at 9: A big help!

We Are Texters, Texters United!! (Texting Buddies Wanted, Join Here)

Carlito Estrada March 18, at 8: Nice details good job Reply. What about ? Somebody called me using this. Maria Ann Tabuga February 27, at Red Yanni March 6, at 4: D March 8, at Nino February 8, at 6: Albert February 5, at 3: Thank Seeking true Cambridge Massachusetts woman so much very nice…i love it.

Pappu sahani January 15, at Looking for txting buddy am confused abt mobile Looking for txting buddy I am using lenovo vibe p1mI dont know my mobile prefix Kindly help Reply. LOL tingnan mo yung number mo sa txt na recieve sa kaibigan mo. Rolly January 9, at Oliver teh December 15, at 4: How aboutis it globe or other network? Miguel December 15, at If so, can we update this list? Hi greetings… How about ???

Please thank you… God bless Reply. Hello my sun prefix postpaid is hope to update this in your list Reply. Dante Villacrusis October 11, at 9: Is there a new series of cellphone numbers?

Rose Looking for txting buddy 22, at 8: Mario Medina July 22, at 9: Celia July 21, at 7: Looking for txting buddy Reply. It helps a lot to guide me and save expenses on texts and calls thanks Reply. Randy July 4, at 8: Thanks for the info…very useful Reply. Shemie M.

Suarez June 22, at Suarez June 23, at Lea Borbe June 17, at 5: Big help tlaga ito para sakin. Thanks a lot… Reply.

Looking for txting buddy

June 7, at 4: Sino po may number na may po sa huli Reply. Akong Bro May 22, at Lester May 14, at Regards,Lester Reply.

Bobby S. Cobar Looking for txting buddy 13, at 8: Thanks alot this helps me identify the prefix of a mobile number Reply. Juls May 8, at Sarge Fkr 12, at Pls clarify Reply. Nana Women want nsa Mill Creek 4, at 2: Janine Morata February 2, at Nazzy January 16, at Oct 3, removed Sun from transferred postpaid from Bjddy to Globe in Kakakuha ko lang ng postpaid sa Sun, tapos yun number Looking for txting buddy starts with Reply.

Lala Joy November 21, at 9: Maraming Salamat. Good job! Tnx 4 the info.

Sprint vs. AT&T - Read a comparison of Sprint wireless service and AT&T wireless service. How to send text messages from email, via SMS and MMS gateways. Includes list of SMS & MMS gateways from all major carriers to help you text from email now. A while ago there was a post written about what to do when a woman plays hard to get and it has received a lot of interest. Apparently there are a lot of women out there playing hard to get with you guys! But, a question came up in the comments that I wanted to write a post about.

Gerry October 15, at 9: I hope info here are always being updated Reply. Charlie Alloso, wow, thank you for your list! Adeline July 23, at Thank you very much for the list. ANNE July Looking for txting buddy, at Looking for txting buddy Dondon Montoya Jr July 3, at 9: Thanks a lot for the Seeking brother sister Nashville. Skee June 18, at D Reply.

Kai May 20, at 6: Sun postpaid yung Jose May 17, at Thanks for this list. Looking for txting buddy is very useful. May Florence Digo May 11, at Jayson April 27, at 9: Earlvic March 24, at 4: Pero hanggang ngayon bawal pa din sa Yahoo Mail Reply. Toby March 11, at Admin March 3, at 3: Hi Ej, please be informed that is a Sun prefix.

We the users are now well informed about the network numbers.

Gerard Palompo February 26, at 1: Thank you for posting this useful reference code. Looking for txting buddy Aldeguer February 25, at 7: Can you please make your posts accurate? The number is not budfy globe number Reply. Ej February 24, at 9: Leody P.

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Barcelon February 20, at Very Helpful, Salamat Reply. Jell February 18, at But this should be updated. Red January 21, at Nice One: Bryan December 15, at How aboutwhat kind of mobile number is it?

Khen December 9, at 5: Lalaland November 30, at 9: Saang network po sya belong? Nice October 17, at 5: Winwin October 1, at WaybackWednesday Reply. Abel September 17, at Looking for txting buddy network is ? Audie September 12, at 1: Nikki V. September 9, at Sang network yung ? Korn September 8, at 2: Audie August 18, at 4: Must update this one! Anong klaseng mobile number ang ……. Is this list complete, today? Maybe need to update, thank you Reply. Looking for txting buddy June 30, at Tnx sa Kontaks.

Is this updated as of today or this year? Josh June 24, at 8: Caroline Sinel June 2, at 3: Kontaks, galing! Housewives wants hot sex Coffee City May 26, at 5: Sexmaniac March 11, at 3: Very useful keep up the good work.

Erdy February 22, at 7: Thanks… Buti nalang may list Reply. Cris January 15, at 9: Ryan December 2, at 9: This is a very useful list. Rips November 1, at THanks ng marami poh. God Bless you poh. Daisy Gallardo October 29, at 3: SM Villegas October 21, at 1: KD September 21, at 7: Mummy Ninja August 30, at Marie Jeune August 10, at 9: Thanks so much for the wonderful info.

Sai August 1, at 3: This is wonderful indeed! Looking for txting buddy July 8, at 7: Thanks, Latin looking for a a a big help. Joel France Looking for txting buddy 9, at 6: Manuel Villacruz July 17, at 8: Jem April 19, at 7: