Wealth Adviser Igor Cornelsen Helps You Do Your Homework Before Investing

Water is wet. 1 + 1 = 2. That is easy, right? If only, making profits while investing your money was as easy as this – we would all be rich, wouldn’t we? Investment adviser Igor Cornelsen can help you navigate the treacherous waters of investing to find the hidden gems.

“Easy as Pie”

If investing were as easy as pie, then everyone would be a billionaire, wouldn’t they? You might have watched a number of cable TV programs, lauding the “latest hot stock.” The salesmen show you all sorts of cool charts, which show the stock price rising quickly.

They might even calculate how much money, people made on the stock in the past. There is one key problem with this:

“Past performance is not a guarantee of future results.”

Wealth adviser Igor Cornelsen emphasizes that successful investors look at the potential for “future” earnings, not “past” earnings – profits are based on the “potential that any given good or service has to become more expensive in the future.” He discusses gasoline and land as examples; both are scarce and diminishing in availability on PRNewsWire.com. Therefore, the demand is increasing, while supply is decreasing, leading to higher valuations.

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“Hard as Granite”

Determining the productivity of a company is one of the primary ways, in which you can determine whether it can deliver good profits. The experts on about.me consider the corporation’s products, management, marketing, branding and industry. You need to know about the firm’s competition. Less competition means that profits should be higher.

You might want to diversify your wealth portfolio, by investing in different countries. Investing professional Igor Cornelsen can help you compare different businesses, based on their productivity. This can help you gain the best “bang for the buck.”

For example, many Brazil banks, such as Bradesco and Itau have had very attractive returns on investment (ROI) compared to their American counterparts. Mr. Cornelsen helps you compare apples and oranges. Once you “do your homework before investing,” you can find a solid, productive asset to deliver robust profits.