The Internet of Things as told by Jason Hope.

You don’t need a time machine to know that the future is going to be ruled by automation. If you look back at the great science fiction authors and philosophers you can see that they’ve always dreamed of a world where the environment worked for you. Jason Hope, an entrepreneur and tech business guru, has leaped fully on board with the concept of an automated life. He calls this automated life: “The Internet of Things”. Hope, a self described futurist, believes that the Internet of Things is our future. What do you think? and more information click here.

Jason Hope can sum up his thoughts on the Internet of Things in a single word: influential. However, before we can expound on that word you might need to know a little more about the topic at hand. The Internet of Things is a term used to refer to the networking of technology in your every day life. Look at automated cars, streamlined public transport, and even analytics being uploaded from your own kitchen to your computer. This networking is the next step in the evolution of how we interface with technology and his Facebook.

Right now the Internet of Things is considered a fringe subject, but not for long — at least not according to Jason Hope. Right now Hope believes that the Internet of Things is at its infancy. He believes that we are going to see it grow in real time to become a powerhouse in the tech world, and large corporations should definitely be paying attention.