The Early Musical Career of Investment Specialist Cassio Audi

The nation of Brazil has learned the name Cassio Audi as one of the most influential investment specialists and financial specialists after he completed his education at Sao Paulo University; Audi has continued his association with Sao Paulo University and is seen as one of the leading figures in the opening up of the Brazilian financial markets to the investors from across the globe.

What few people understand about the life and career of Cassio Audi is the fact he has spent much of his early life touring Brazil as a member of the iconic heavy metal band, Viper. The band came together when the group of teenagers made clear their own love of the work of a number of British heavy metal bands, including the legendary Iron Maiden who is easy to identify as a leading influence on the band during their early years. Cassio Audi was a member of the band from its founding in 1985 through to 1989 when he departed the fledgling group due to his belief in exploring the world of education and finance for his own future.

As a drummer in the heavy metal genre, Cassio Audi has become well known and a legendary figure as one of the leading musicians in the history of the heavy metal genre in Brazil. As a drummer, Cassio Audi was praised for his work as a musician on the few recordings he completed with Viper, including the legendary bootleg demo material recorded throughout 1985 becoming known as “The Killera Sword”. Before pursuing his dream of becoming a financial specialist, Cassio Audi worked on the recording of the debut full album from Viper, “Soldiers of Sunrise”. Despite being heavily influenced by the material of Iron Maiden the album shows the versatility of Cassio Audi as he recorded songs in a range of styles to complete the recording of the album in less than a week in 1987.