The American Institute of Architects’ contribution to the Building Sector

     The American Institute of Architects is an association bringing together all qualified architects in America. The organization began its operations in New York in the year 1857. It is a product of the partnership of thirteen architects who had a collective vision of creating innovative and efficient structures.

AIA is committed to enhancing service delivery in sectors related to architecture and society progress as well as giving way forward on educational agendas and government directives. It simplifies the development of professionalism thereby enabling architects to assess the total quality management of all construction projects. Mr. Robert Ivy, the group’s CEO, is in charge of all operations at the organization. Mr. Thomas Vonier is the company’s President. He is responsible for inducing the demand for architecture in the market.

The top management of AIA is determined to make sure their employees work in a conducive environment while also ensuring efficient service delivery to customers. Employees are entitled to motivational benefits. The managers continuously remind them of the essence of working together as a team. The vision statement urges workers to work hard and smart for a better tomorrow. The managers serve different customers while observing the values of the organization.

Another reason for AIA’s good public image is the fact that top-leaders at the organization are keen on environment conservation. They have been on the frontline dealing with climate change and possible remedies. Such gestures build customer trust and market the group well. He has AIA complies with all regulations in the industry. Thus, it has a competitive edge over its major rivals. AIA has strategically formed alliances with other firms in the sector.

AIA’s research plays a pivotal role in the organization of the landmark plan by the department of the Secretary of State resulting in creative and trendy sculpts that give remarkable escalation. Thomas is a renowned author who writes on both architecture and security. Previously, he was the correspondent for Progressive Architecture magazine. His work got nominations for the prestigious Jesse Neal Award.

Robert, on the other hand, supports affirmative action as a way to bring out quality designs. Mr. Robert Ivy has helped dissect many subjects involving architecture as a topic, its prospects, and also the role of architects in global economic growth. The organization is passionate about creating mass awareness about the building industry, ensuring professionalism in all projects and the development of the country’s economy.

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