Jason Hope predicts Internet of Things tech may revolutionize air travel

As one of the most prominent entrepreneurs in the state of Arizona, Jason Hope has been a leading advocate for the adoption of Internet of Things technologies. Jason Hope saw the value of technology early on. He created a number of highly successful startups, including Jawa, the first successful premium content streaming provider to mobile devices. With this company, Hope was able to beat industry giants like Apple and Google to the premium content streaming business by more than 10 years. He is largely credited by industry observers as being the founder of the premium content streaming model.

Recently, Jason Hope has taken a hiatus from his busy schedule of running his internet tech empire to discuss a wide range of topics, including the role that the Internet of Things will have in the future of American technological development.

One of the more interesting topics that Jason Hope hit on was the ways in which the Internet of Things will soon be radically transforming air travel in the United States. Hope says that the Internet of Things is already helping make air travel more pleasant. But he says that the changes that will soon be coming will be truly revolutionary.

Jason Hope points out that, currently, the security protocols that have been put in place since the September 11th attacks cause an unfortunate amount of time to be required in traveling by air. Hope says that this makes regional air travel impractical in many cases, and it makes local air travel completely untenable.

But Hope says with technology like autonomous air taxi drones, local and regional air travel may become the norm very soon. Just as one example, Hope says that traveling by air between two cities that are much closer than about five-hour drive from one another makes absolutely no sense in the current environment. Because of the significant amount of time that travelers need to spend in airports, going through security checkpoints and having their luggage checked in, and the amount of time necessary at the destination airport for such things as renting cars, Hope says that regional air travel below the distance of about 300 miles simply is not practical today.

Hope says that autonomous drone technology could quickly change that, completely eliminating wait times at both the origination and destination airports and making travel times shrink by as much as 90 percent. Hope says that autonomous drones will be almost exclusively driven by Internet of Things tech.

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