Successfully Winning a Whistleblower Case

If you are struggling over the decision to come forward as a whistleblower or not, you likely are considering the fact that in many cases, the lives of those people that blow the whistle on corruption and fraud may be turned upside down. However, in terms of protection, the path to successfully becoming a whistleblower, without major repercussions is a lot easier. The biggest reason for this is the fact that there were protective acts that have been put in place, which encourage whistleblowers to come forward and expose companies and organizations that are in violation of the Securities Exchange Commission. The Dodd-Frank Act has changed the game and has not only helped potential whistleblowers to be protected from the companies that they are exposing, they are also offering monetary incentives. If a whistleblower wants to come forward, and the party they are pointing the finger at ends up getting sanctions levied against them, the whistleblower can now get up to thirty percent of the total sanctions. This can be a huge deal, especially when you consider the fact that there are multi-million dollar whistleblower cases that are now being settled frequently.

While the path is undoubtedly a lot easier for a whistleblower these days, it is still very important to find a lawyer that knows what they are doing. In most cases, the best course of action is to find an SEC whistleblower attorney and hire them to represent you throughout your case. An SEC whistleblower lawyer that takes on these cases frequently will have a great chance at getting a decent settlement, so make sure you look into law firms that specialize in whistleblower cases. Another great thing about finding one of these lawyers is the fact that not only will they have a good idea as to whether or not you will win your case, but they more than likely will not require any money upfront. For the majority of these types of cases, an SEC whistelblower attorney will look at the case and decide whether or not the case has a decent chance of winning in court. If they determine that the case is valid, they will almost always offer their services and represent the individual, while only requiring that a certain percentage of the winnings are paid out. This means that they will have protection because of the Dodd-Frank Act and will not have to put any money upfront to retain a lawyer.