Southridge Capital Values Customers

Southridge Capital provides advisory as well as structured finance services for public firms. It is committed to assisting its clients to meet their demands by offering a broad spectrum of revolutionary financial solutions.




Southridge Capital boasts of owning an executive team with an in-depth understanding of how the market shifts from high to low points consecutively. It also prides itself in being a leading provider of customized financial services made to serve clients according to their needs. Today, the company has invested about $1.8 billion into the development of companies. With that said, the firm has also financed more than 200 public companies. This is because it is well versed with the different concerns clients have when it comes to investment and wealth creation. Other than that, the investment firm has the required expertise to offer financial consultation services on corporate issues.




Under the guidance of Southridge Capital, clients have received different services including financial analysis and detailed financial designs alongside projected financial statements. The management is also familiar with the benefits of offering balance sheet services to clients. As such, Southridge Capital has become a force to reckon with in the sector of finance.


Stephen Hicks


With that said, it is crucial to acknowledge the man behind the foundation of the firm. Ideamensch recently interviewed Mr. Stephen Hicks. He is the CEO of the company and oversees overall strategic management. He is also responsible for execution. Having started the company in 1996, Hicks is well versed with the leadership requirements of the firm and has contributed to its development. He has been active in investment management for more than 30 years. You can visit





Stephen Hicks has vast expertise in investment and banking. He utilizes his skills in the two areas by helping clients achieve their investment goals. For education, he attended King’s College and Fordham University where he majored in business administration and MBA respectively. It was after graduating that he started working in a boutique hedge fund where he garnered his first experience before heading to Australia to form his firm. Today, he speaks of his major success story having started the business from scratch.



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