Securus Technologies Acquires GovPayNet For Processing Payments For Government Agencies

For anyone who has someone they love behind bars serving time, you already know how expensive it can be to talk to them while they are on the inside. When you make a payment to speak to your loved ones, how can you be sure your information is safe?


Securus Technologies has been involved for many years in a variety of ways for inmates and inmates safety. In recent times, Securus Technologies has purchased GovPayNet in an effort to expand its reach in payment service for government agencies. They will provide the consumer with ways to process payments for many government services like court fee’s, fines and then even costs associated with bail and other services. They will provide the resources for debit payments and credit card payments.


In more than 35 states, GovPayNet is involved with more than 2,300 different agencies. They cover more than 25% of the United States Territory. GovPayNet has been the main source for government processing of payments for more than 20 years. The business had begun when an ex-sheriff decided to help assisting other enforcement agencies by handling the cash form of bail payments with credit card payments.


GovPayNet has been involved in many areas of payment related expenses for inmates. They have been the business to deal with for the cost of probation oversight as well as restitution and the costs associated with electronic monitoring such as house arrest. They are also involved for traffic fines as well as criminal fines. They assist in payments for impounds and towing.


Securus is headquarted in Texas with more than 3,500 in public safety as well as in law enforcement and corrections. They provide for over a million inmates throughout the North America region. They have been committed to servicing and protecting all involved in emergency response.