SEC Whistleblower Program Awards Labaton Sucharow Client

The law firm known as Labaton Sucharow LLP has recently announced that a $17 million award has been given to a client who they represented. The award was given after a considerable amount of wrongdoing took place in the financial services industry. To date, this is the second largest award given through the SEC Whistleblower program. With this program, whistleblowers are able to receive 10 to 30 percent of any monetary sanctions obtained by enforcement. A client of Labaton Sucharow provided a lot of significant information that helped lead to major sanctions against a prominent party in the financial securities industry. Although the whistleblower has helped make a positive impact for the program, they have chosen to remain anonymous.

According to Jordan Thomas the main whistleblower lawyer, the whistleblower client helped expose a number of people who were on the verge of hurting investors. He has also expressed his belief that the whistleblower program will result in a number of more cases due to the courageousness of people looking to report wrongdoing in the securities industry. Along with this recent client, Jordan Thomas represented the first officer of a public company who reported wrongdoing and received an award for his efforts. With his representation and assistance, a number of people are now able to easily report abuses in the financial industry and hold these people accountable.

The firm known as Labaton Sucharow is a specialized law firm that represents individuals and companies that are looking to report violations in the securities industry committed by certain parties. For over 50 years, the firm has represented numerous businesses, consumers and institutional investors in litigation cases. This firm was the first in the United States to focus on protecting and advocating for whistleblowers who report any violations to the Securities and Exchange Commission. The firm has a comprehensive team of experts who help make cases against unethical financiers. With this firm, clients can get assistance from a SEC whistleblower lawyer along with investigators, financial analysts and forensic accountants.

With a reputable SEC whistleblower attorney, many consumers, investors and companies will get expert representation when looking to get awards and enforce sanctions. The firm has been a vital asset for the Securities and Exchange Commission when looking to reduce the amount of misconduct in the financial industry. Its sole focus on practicing securities law litigation has made Labaton Sucharow the premier firm for dealing with abuses in the financial securities industry.