Roseann Bennett’s Therapy Dogs

Roseann Bennett, a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist with over ten years of field experience, is at the forefront of counseling, therapy, and psychology. After working as an in-home therapist, Bennett noticed a need for ongoing outpatient treatment for individuals who do not have the means to pay for expensive treatment. Bennett decided to establish the Center For Assessment and Treatment, with the goal to provide ongoing counseling to individuals from all walks of life. Roseann Bennett achieved this vision, together with her husband by using their personal funds to grow the Center and shape it into their vision. The most recent addition to the Center’s therapeutic tactics is the implementation of Canine Assisted Therapy.


Canine Assisted Therapy is based on human’s past reliance on animals through the ages. Humans have always looked to animals to use them as a means of production or emotional support. As this relationship between humans and animals progresses, scientists have begun to explore the true nature between humans and animals. In this particular case, humans and their canine counterparts. According to Roseann Bennett, this research has suggested that there is a link between many positive characteristics of an individual’s life and owning a canine. Canine Assisted Therapy is rooted in this positive relationship that humans and canines share.


Roseann Bennett began to seriously consider implementing Canine Assisted Therapy after observing the positive effects that dogs had on Autistic children. Bennett decided to adopt a therapy dog called Jack. Jack was enrolled in an intensive two-week course to become a therapy dog. After earning his certification on July 4, 2018, Jack is an official Certified Therapy Dog, utilizing his skills at Bennet’s Center for Assessment and Treatment. Additional reference can also be found Here.



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