Ricardo Tosto and His Respectable Pursuit for Transparency and Efficiency in Brazil’s Legal System

One of the most important and uncodified rules in Brazil’s jurisprudence is transparency. Without rigorous and comprehensive standards and ethical guidelines on transparency, it’s hard to sustain an organic judicial system in Brazil that’s not prone to blow-up. Fortunately, we have lawyers like Ricardo Tosto who both have the passion and the dedication to advocating for transparency in the justice system in Brazil today. Right now, what he is advocating is in making sure that the technical exchanges today between those who are practicing their legal career in Brazil have a harmonious relationship with the lawyers working overseas. This can be done through transparency and through revealing the fair distribution of income taxes between the lawyers in these two locations.

Regularization of Assets

Fortunately, Ricardo Tosto has the support that he needs in such advocacy. Law 13,254 has his back in his push for transparency, and this law states that there should be repatriation of the assets of both lawyers in the overseas and local regions. As a founder of the law firm Leite, Tosto and Barros, Ricardo Tosto finds it his job to acquire all the ways that transparency can be guaranteed in the legal affairs in the country. With the law at hand, there will now be a better effort to document the actions necessary for the repatriation of Brazilian lawyers’ and their overseas counterparts today.

About Ricardo Tosto

Mr. Tosto is considered outstanding by many people not just because he’s a lawyer who has his own law firm, but because he is also an entrepreneur. The name Ricardo Tosto today is already synonymous with legal success and advocacy for transparency in the field of tax obligations for lawyers. He is also an active member of several non-government organizations that advocate for ethical litigation practices that push for the greater good.

Ricardo Tosto is also known to have contributed to the growth of Brazil’s economic growth because of his pioneering legal mechanisms, including the legal tool Milk, which helped increase productivity in legal proceedings. He also has built an impressive record in Banking Contracts, Bankruptcy and Credit Recovery.

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