OSI Group Achievements in the Global Platform

Everyone looks to eat great food that has been prepared using the best ingredients. In the modern setting, people are interested in eating food that is tasty and healthy. There are several large companies that have emerged in the market with the primary mission of offering customers high quality food. Some of these companies are collapsing simply because they cannot be able to offer the services the customers want. Venturing into the international market is the most complicated thing for the companies that are in this field. These institutions are always forced to deal with so many regulations that are imposed by different governments. Companies that can manage to perform well in such a platform are considered to be very powerful. One of the few companies that are courage enough to invest in the global food industry is OSI Group.

OSI Group is not just an ordinary company. The global firm is doing well, and its reputation is out of this world. The organization started by giving customers meat products that were produced in the right conditions and packaged. Customers were happy, and they asked to get more products such as chicken sausages and several other items that can be prepared easily. In very few years, the food products in the company were being stocked in most of the shopping stores in the world. The consumers in the world have not disappointed the company management. Because the institution has always been keen in the quality of the food it packages, these people have been purchasing the products in large numbers, and this has helped the company to open branches and at the same time double the amount of production.

OSI Group knows the importance of expansion when in businesses. The executive team that serves in this company has a lot of knowledge in expansion activities, and this is why they have purchased so many food plants and companies in the past. OSI Group chairman and CEO Sheldon Lavin is famed to be one of the highly experienced professionals who are in the meat processing department, and he has been ensuring that customers get only the best. Sheldon Lavin is also a finance executive who has owned a finance company in the past, and he knows some of the financial mistakes the company should avoid at all times. With these important skills, OSI Group has been recognized in so many platforms because of the leadership it gets from Lavin.

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Robert Ivy Becomes First Architect to Win Polk Lifetime Achievement

Out of the hundred or thousands of individuals that may populate a given industry or science, there are always that stand out, a bright light shining through a darkness of mediocrity. These individuals that not only make their name stand out in their chosen field, but they go beyond and truly make their marks on the world. How can one truly honor someone who has so completely epitomized a successful career? Well, a Lifetime Achievement Award is a start.

On April 11, 2018, Robert Ivy became the first architect ever to receive the Polk Lifetime Achievement Award. The award is given to both artists and patrons of the arts who are in some way connected to Mississippi, whether they were born there or have lived there for an extended time. Other Mississippians have received the award over the years, such as actor Morgan Freeman and writer Eudora Welty, but never before has an architect won the esteemed award.

Over his long career, Ivy has amassed quite the resume. He first made a major mark in his field while he was Editor-in-Chief of McGraw Hill’s Architectural Record. Ivy led the Architectural Record extremely well, with the magazine pulling in numerous awards, eventually becoming the most popular architectural journal in the world. Under his leadership, the magazine began a brand new issue printed entirely in Mandarin, with popularity exploding in countries in the Middle East as well as China.

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With the success of his time at the Architectural Record, Ivy received a job as Chief Executive Officer (CEO) at the American Institute of Architects, or AIA. As the CEO of the AIA, Ivy transformed architecture as a whole, highlighting its artistic and professional qualities. Ivy in fact received the award from AIA for his effort in “making architecture more accessible to the general public.” This action truly solidified his position in the architecture industry and popularized the art.

Along with his skills in architecture and his leadership qualities in running bot the Architectural Record as well as the AIA, Ivy has been recognized as an accomplished author. His book, Fay Jones: Architect is a biography of E.Fay Jones, an apprentice to famous architect Frank Lloyd and one of the few recipients of the AIA Gold Medal. The book has been described by the Art Library Society of North America as “the highest standards of scholarship, design, and production.” Overall, the reception of this award surely marks Robert Ivy as one of the more influential architects of his generation, and will cement him in history for his numerous contributions to both architecture and the world.

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National Steel Car And Gregory Aziz Are A Match To Behold

James Aziz is the CEO, Chairman and President of National Steel Car, one of the planet’s best railroad freight car manufacturing and engineering firms, based in Hamilton, Ontario. He attended Western Ontario University graduating with a Bachelor of Arts in Economics. After graduating, Greg James Aziz joined Affiliated Foods, a family run wholesale food business before moving to New York to work as an investment banker. It was during his working tenure here that he came across National Steel Car, initiating the company’s acquisition by Hamilton National Industries from Dofasco.


National Steel Car boasts of over a century’s distinction in manufacturing, engineering, and dedication to quality earning themselves the berth and reputation of being North America’s best railroad freight car manufacturer. Established in 1912, National Steel Car has all along been designing and producing freight cars that meet and surpass the changing needs and standards of their customers and the railroad industry.


Greg Aziz has worked for National Steel Car since 1994 rising to the post of CEO. He is credited with overturning the company’s dwindling fortunes and productivity from 3,500-12,500 rail cars annually. His skills and management techniques are applauded where he is keen on the company’s engineering and manufacturing excellence and efficiency. Get Additional Information Here.


Gregory J Aziz has seen the company employees increase from 500 to 3,000. With him in charge, National Steel Car has won the ISO 90001:2015 and TTX SECO awards a show of recognition for dedication and hard work. National Steel Car prides itself as the only rail car company that is ISO certified in North America. It has won the TTX SECO award for 13 years in a row, a show of how revered and the quality of their products are.


Greg Aziz is a fan of horse riding where he is a member together with his two kids and wife, Irene. As part of the corporate social responsibility, Greg Aziz and National Steel Car sponsor’s charitable events and organizations in Ontario key among them United Way, Theatre Aquarius, Hamilton Opera and Salvation Army. Greg Aziz is a sponsor of 2009 Anglestone Tournament and serves as the patron of National Steel Car’s equestrian team.


Gregory J Aziz has helped National Steel Car to become a dynamic engineering firm and leader in rail cars. This has been through deliberate efforts of embracing technology to develop products that suit the current market. National Steel Car maintains good customer relations a fact that has made them favorites in car freight manufacture.


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Felipe Montoro Jens Starts Infrastructure Projects

Felipe Montoro Jens is a successful business owner who uses his resources to help other people. During his career, he has worked in multiple industries. Working in various industries provides people with a significant amount of applicable experience. One of the great things about working with Felipe Montoro Jens is his commitment to excellence.

The economy in Brazil is expanding. Many people are moving to Brazil in search of a higher quality of life. As a result, there is a massive need for new infrastructure within the country. Felipe Montoro Jens is currently involved in planning projects across the nation.


Felipe Montoro Jens had to work hard to get accepted to college. He grew up in a low-income area of Brazil, and the local schools struggled to provide education to children. As a result, Felipe Montoro Jens is passionate about giving children the opportunity to invest in their future.

Once he got to college, Felipe Montoro Jens quickly realized that he was not prepared. He had to work many jobs just to pay the bills. Once he finally graduated from school, he decided to keep his strong work ethic for the rest of his career. Visit infomoney.com to learn more.

First Jobs

Felipe Montoro Jens worked several jobs at prominent companies in the early stages of his career. He is the type of person who is always willing to help other people. He built a sizable professional network of people he could always count on.

Now that he is working on government projects, he uses his network to accomplish his goals. He enjoys interacting with old friends during these projects. Various local governments have contacted Felipe Montoro Jens about starting road and housing projects in cities. He is so busy that he has little free time each day. However, he enjoys being busy and is excited about all of the work opportunities for the future. Learn more: http://frenchtribune.com/teneur/25613-felipe-montoro-jens-details-his-vision-future-brazils-privately-owned-corporations


Sujit Choudhry Writes About Democratic Backsliding

Comparative Constitutional Law Professor Sujit Choudhry is an internationally recognized source of information when it comes to constitutional and political issues. Over the past two decades he has not only taught at universities about these subjects but he has also helped out in a practical manner with nations who are trying to go from violence in the streets to a nation that is orderly run as a peaceful democracy (blogs.law.nyu.edu). He has helped many nations make this transition which includes complex areas such as minority and group rights, constitutional design, semi-presidentialism, federalism, official language policy, and similar items.

Professor Choudhry is also a researcher and author. His latest book is entitled, “Constitutional Democracies in Crisis?” He has written that the threat to constitutional democracy has been evolving ever since the Cold War was finished (works.bepress.com).  One example he uses is the Law and Justice Party of Poland, known as PiS. He says this is a very right-wing party which is populist and nationalist in nature. It was in the 2015 elections that they won a majority of the seats in Poland’s parliament, the Sejm, and every since they have been undermining Poland’s democracy.

Sujit Choudhry wrote in his latest book that PiS first focused on undermining that nation’s Constitutional Court and their regular courts as well. PiS has launched multiple lawsuits that seem distinct on the surface and yet they create a cohesive theme of undermining constitutional democracy. They have also instituted new rules and procedures meant to keep PiS in power permanently. He says they have purposely gone at an uneven pace to remake Poland as an authoritarian and nationalist government. They overwhelm with periods of intense activity followed up by not doing much of anything.

As an authority on politics, Sujit Choudhry talks about “democratic backsliding”. This is when a nation was under authoritarian rule, becomes a constitutional democracy, and the old forces try to chip away at this democracy in order to return the country to being ruled with an iron fist. He has written that there is no bright line between what a democracy is and what an autocracy looks like but you will know it when you see it.

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As a food company that has been in existence for 100 plus years, OSI Group has won impressive awards and been recognized for their excellence in the food industry

Started in Illinois in 1909 as Otto & Sons, a family meat business, OSI Group is currently an 100 plus year-old, international corporation, with a $6 billion dollar value, and approximately 20,000 employees.

Under the senior leadership of CEO, Sheldon Levin, and President and CFO, David McDonald, OSI Group has earned some impressive awards and received impressive distinctions in the food industry. One of OSI Group’s subsidiaries, which is located in the UK, was presented with the Globe of Honour award in December, 2016. This award is handed out to those companies — which are located in the UK — that achieve a high level of excellence concerning environmental safety.

Sheldon Lavin, who is Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of OSI Group, LLC, has been with OSI since 1970, when it was still called Otto & Sons, LLC. Lavin, who is focused on leading OSI’s growth, internationally, has made important strides to gain market share. In addition to Sheldon Lavin’s impressive work résumé, he earned a Bachelor of Science degree in business from Roosevelt University in Chicago, Illinois. Mr. Lavin also majored in accounting and finance. He attended both the University of Illinois and Northwestern University.

In December, 2016, OSI Group acquired Flagship Europe. Flagship Europe is a subsidiary of the Flagship Food Group that is presently headquartered in Denver, Colorado. Flagship Europe is a foodservice company that is based in the UK. Its portfolio includes pies, mayonnaise, sauces, dressings, sous vide products, and frozen poultry. President of OSI Group, David McDonald, stated that the infusion of Flagship Europe into OSI Group’s consortium of companies will provide a greater market share in Europe for OSI.

In Spain, OSI Group has also added capital for the purpose of doubling its chicken production capacity. The implementation of this high volume production line in the Spanish city of Toledo, has increased this production number from the original 12 thousand tons to 24 thousand tons. Today, OSI Group produces nearly 45 thousand tons of beef, chicken, and pork products.

OSI Group and its subsidiaries offer employment opportunities in the Americas, Europe (Germany, Spain, UK, Hungary, Poland), and in the Asia-Pacific markets. OSI Group states on their website that they firmly believe that their employees drive the company’s success, and that OSI is recognized for their industry-leading innovation. OSI Group is also committed and dedicated to their diverse and inclusive work staff.

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Under The Executive Leadership Of CEO, President, And Chairman Of National Steel Car, Gregory Aziz Has Worked Hard At Maintaining A High Level Of Excellence And Eminence In Rail Car Engineering And Manufacturing

National Steel Car, which was founded in 1912 in Canada as Imperial Steel Car, is a 106-year-old company that provides quality, excellence, and eminence in areas of railcar engineering, and manufacturing. National Steel Car is currently headquartered in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.

As the acting President, Chairman and CEO of National Steel Car, Greg Aziz has built an impressive résumé. He has been an executive at National Steel Car for over 24 years. In terms of Greg Aziz’s business knowledge, Aziz got a good business education early in life. As a young man, Greg Aziz worked for his family business, Affiliated Foods, after school. Aziz received beneficial exposure to the inner-workings of business, and attained key knowledge while working for Affiliated Foods. Aziz would use these experiences to his future benefit, as he witnessed Affiliated Foods’ expansion.

As Aziz’s family business grew, so did its number of clients. In a timeframe of 16 years, Affiliated Foods would become a worldwide distributor of fresh foods. Besides Affiliated Foods, Aziz had a successful career working in finance in New York. Over a span of ten years, Aziz would use his business savvy, financial experience, and contacts to purchase National Steel Car from Dofasco in 1994. National Steel Car’s previous owner, Dofasco, had acquired the company in 1962.


Under Greg Aziz’s executive leadership, National Steel Car has improved quite profusely. Aziz steadily increased the number of employees from 500 — this was the original employee number when Aziz purchased the company — to 3,000. Aziz also focused on team-building and adopting new technology concerning their rail car engineering and manufacturing methods. Because of these key changes, National Steel Car has earned impressive industry awards. Starting in 1996, Aziz’s company received the TTX SECO highest quality award many times — some in back-to-back years. Aziz’s company has also received recognition from business peers.


Aziz earned a bachelors degree in Economics from the University of Western Ontario, Canada, and he also studied at Ridley College, which located in St. Catherines, Ontario, Canada. Get Related Information Here


Aziz has also given time and resources to philanthropic pursuits over the years. Aziz and his wife, Irene, have donated to the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair, which is a yearly event held in Canada. As CEO, Aziz is directly involved in his company’s philanthropic efforts. National Steel Car has supported causes like the United Way, the Salvation Army, the Hamilton Opera, and many others.


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Rodrigo Terpins: A Racer and a Businessman

Rodrigo Terpins is a Brazilian rally driver, businessman, and philanthropist. He has been competing locally and internationally, and he is most well-known for being the founder of the Bull Sertoes Rally Team, which he established in 2015. Rodrigo Terpins has a younger brother named Michel Terpins, who is also a rally driver, and his father was a former basketball player, named Jack Terpins. Living in a sports-enthusiastic household, Rodrigo Terpins was raised by his father saying that he should be focusing on a career that he loves and he should pursue it. Rodrigo Terpins has been driving since he was young, with his father training him. When he got his professional driver’s license, he continued to hone his skills and abilities in driving, until he got hold of its mastery. He joined the annual Sertoes Rally events because he wanted to prove his skills and abilities to the public. Check out 12social.com to know more.



Rodrigo Terpins will be joining the 25th edition of the Sertoes Rally, tagging along with his younger brother with him. They will be entering the T1 Prototype Category, and he will let his brother drive the T-Rex. MEM Motorsport created the T-Rex for the sole purpose of competing, and they installed a V8 Engine on the T-Rex to ensure that it can traverse through rough terrain and landscapes. The 25th edition of the Sertoes Rally will take place in the mid-western states of Brazil, and the total length of the route will be greater than 2,600 kilometers. Michel Terpins must endure the long drive, and Rodrigo Terpins has been encouraging him, saying things about how he can easily finish the race. Michel Terpins would have to compete against 200 other racers. For him to win the competition, he should give everything that he had.  You can visit mundoraiam.com



Aside from being a racer and a leader of the Bull Sertoes Rally Team, Rodrigo Terpins is also running his own business. Graduating from the university with a degree in Business Management, Rodrigo Terpins had to apply in different companies, and he worked hard just to get promoted. Later on, he decided to establish his own business, and he called it T5 Participacoes.


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Ted Bauman’s Newsletter Receives a Warm Reception with Investors

Ted Bauman joined the Banyan Hill Publishing fraternity in 2013. Previously, Ted Bauman served as the lead editor of publications like the Plan B Club, the Alpha Stock Alert, and at The Bauman Letter. Bauman’s core specializations include handling international migration issues, low-risk, high-reward investment strategies and asset and wealth protection. The incredible investor and portfolio manager has enabled countless investors to safely grow and expand their wealth with outstanding results. Mr. Bauman has achieved the impossible by outperforming the S&P 500 index every year for the last decade. The astute investor didn’t just beat the estimates by the hot-shot brokers and venture capitalists on Wall St.; he obliterated them by posting gains of up to 550% above the S&P 500.

Assured Gains

The Bauman Letter is aptly dubbed as the ultimate investors guide to financial freedom and bold prosperity. Subscribers of this popular newsletter are guaranteed of untold success thanks to the well-researched wealth creation and protection tips and strategies. True to the underlying philosophy, The Bauman Letter continues to enable countless regular investors to live the amazing life they’ve always desired without all the fuss and pain often associated with attaining financial freedom.

Ted’s Bio

According to Ted Bauman’s official profile on Bloomberg, the financial consultant pens a weekly edition of the Bauman newsletter. The profound insights and accurate investment advice contained in the fascinating newsletter have attracted subscribers in droves since 2013. Before joining Banyan Hill Publishing, Ted was the chief editor of the popular investor newsletter, Smart Money Alert. Other notable high-profile jobs and positions Mr. Bauman held over the years include:-

In 2008, Bauman joined the Habitat’s International Housing Programs as the director. That job took Ted to many destinations in the Caribbean Islands and in Latin America.

Bauman has also written and published extensively on pertinent aspects like housing, finance, and on urban planning issues.

The author-cum-investor spent 25 years working as a low-cost urban housing projects sponsored by both the government and non-profit organizations in South Africa.

Today, you’ll get all the valuable insights and financial strategies on publications like the South African Press, Cape Times, Cape Argus, New Internationalist, Guardian and the Mail.

Alternatively, you can order Mr. Bauman’s incredibly well-written financial investment novel titled, Where to Stash One’s Cash in a Legal Way’ and get ahead. The veteran fund manager and consultant is an alumnus of the proud and accredited University of Cape Town in SA where he attained a top degree in History and Economics.

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Michael Burwell became the CFO of Willis Towers Watson in 2017 after Roger Millay retired on 2nd October 2017. Willis Towers Watson is a company that deals with broking, advisory and offering solutions globally helping clients turn risks into precious growth. Having begun in 1828, it has 40,000 employees and is suited to the world in over 140 countries. Its unique perception allows them to find the critical connections between ideas, assets and talent and turn them into successful businesses.


He spent 31 years in his profession at Pricewaterhouse Coopers before joining Willis Towers Watson. For 11 years he worked on some audit clients in assurance practice and transaction advisory of services for 12 years. He was then invited to a partnership that led to the growth of PwC’s Detroit that specialized in the practice of transaction services. His success in Detroit had him appointed to lead the central region of PwC and consequently the lead of Transaction Services in the US. He became the CFO in 2007 and was later named the CFO heading all PwC businesses in the US. He became U.S. and Global Transformation Vice Chairman in 2012. In this position, he changed his role to improve the effectiveness of organizations in overseeing a large group of functions internally including, Technology, Sourcing of Global Strategies, Human Capital and Finance. He has also been a senior partner of relationship with numerous clients during his term including helping companies with pre-merger due valuation and diligence. He got his BA Business Administration from the State University of Michigan.


Michael Burwell’s previous experience and expertise were highly regarded to after his appointment as CFO of Willis Towers Watson. The company’s CEO, John Haley said that the company was excited that Michael Burwell had joined their leadership team during a time when it was going through an evolution. He would continue with Roger’s great leadership that would lead to the company’s future success.


He added that that role was best fit for him since he understood leading, managing and pushing towards results in a global and complex company strongly focusing on their clients. His expertise in transactions, transformations and finance would help the company achieve their remaining efforts in integration and push their continued growth hence achieve their full potential as a company. Get Additional Information Here.


Appreciating the opportunity, he stated that he had been impressed by the company’s leadership strength, commitment to its clients and its inclusive and collaborative culture. He was determined to lead the company through excellent success upon his capability.


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