Mike Baur Provides Funding To Startups

It was in 2014 that The Swiss Startup Factory had started. This is an ambitious project that is aimed at creating global companies that can disrupt what is prevailing. It can refer to existing norms or even products or the current business models.


The co-founder, as well as Executive Chairman of the Swiss Startup Factory, is Mike Baur. He looks after the fundraising besides various other financial parameters.


There is a three-month program that forms the core of the Swiss Startup Factory. In this, startups are provided with financing, coaching, mentoring and such other services that can help to sustain and grow their business. Mike Baur may even offer office space here. Besides, these startups are able to get access to a vast network that comprises of entrepreneurs as well as investors. This can help the startups to discuss and find solutions to their problems. Hence these become vital for the survival of any startup. This is something that Mike Baur is able to understand well. Hence his company is able to provide startups with what they need, when they need it, and in the way in which it makes the maximum impact on them.


He knows that there is an abundance of extraordinary talent in Switzerland. Mike Baur wants to support these talented individuals. Hence The Swiss Startup Factory is partnering with the topmost academic institutions in Switzerland so that individuals can get a close look into the quality services which are being offered to them.


These services being provided through The Swiss Startup Factory includes the Pre-Accelerator. This is where pitch training is given in a professional manner. Another service is coaching. There is a complete team that deals with Market Research and helps the startups. Other services include marketing support, accounting support as well as IT Support.


Mike Baur ensures product development guidance too. Hence access is provided for several international startup ecosystems.


There is an Accelerator program too for the startups. Once they sign up for the program they need to choose their batch. This program starts at two different times in a year. Mike Baur selects the most talented only. It is a 3-month program in which startups are trained on how they can build their business. Then they are taught how they can measure. This will help them to improve. Mike Baur ensures that they learn all those skills which they need to have a thriving business.