Luxury Perks of NYC’s Multi-Million Dollar Properties

The housing market consistently devises flashy incentives to convince buyers to make a purchase. A problem arising in big cities throughout the United States is that extravagant homes once in demand now remain vacant. How can realtors persuade billionaires to capitalize in multimillionaire real estate? A key element has been focusing on extra selling points to make buyers believe their purchase is well invested. Lavish enticements have been collected as an essential marketing tool to combat selling dilemmas.

Cars are molding into an extravagant perk. The priciest condo in New York now includes a million dollar yacht and two Rolls-Royce Phantoms with the purchasing price. Private restaurants have not been excluded in million dollar properties too. A five-star restaurant exclusively services New York residents of 432 Park Avenue. Some luxurious property owners receive shuttle service to beaches in their building’s Tesla Model X and have access to courtesy charging stations for electric vehicles. Exquisite art collections are also optional bonuses either included or available in home purchases. Other inducements like backyard concrete water slides and expensive furnishing have been thrown into price tags. One delicious and unique feature included in a mansion was an enormous candy wall that supplied a variety of 25 different candies.

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