Jeff Aronin The Bioscientist.

Having realized at an early age that he had great passion in healthcare, Jeff Aronin focused his passion on pharmaceuticals for the last 20 years. Jeff Aronin graduated from Northern Illinois University with a Bachelor’s degree and an MBA from De Paul University and together with an enthusiasm to build great companies, Jeff Aronin became the CEO and founder of Ovation Pharmaceuticals Inc. in the year 2000. Jeff Aronin understands the needs of the patient and thus is able to bring novel medicines to patients. He is also able to identify promising science and focus on getting the medicine approve.

Jeff Aronin’s expertise in addressing unmet patient needs makes him one among the achiever bioscientist. As a scientific visionary and an entrepreneur, Jeff Aronin has contributed to the approval of more than a dozen medicines and technologies. As part of his achievements, Jeff Aronin has served as chairman of several life-science companies.

Jeff Aronin is currently serving as the CEO and the Chairman of Paragon Biosciences, formerly Ovation Pharmaceuticals that had a name change after it was purchased by Lundbeck in 2009. With a mission to bring to existence biotechnology companies that are highly innovative, Jeff Aronin together with his team has successfully obtained approval of 13 new drugs and has also shared his standpoint with fellow healthcare entrepreneurs in Chicago. In pursuit of this, Jeff Aronin founded MATTER, an incubator that has 200 plus budding companies.

Paragon Biosciences, under Jeff Aronin, has its main interest on looking into the unaddressed patients’ needs, with few or no available treatment options by first identifying the diseases that are crying out for treatment options and developing drugs which have a high potential of finding their way to the market.

Jeff Aronin is on the board of directors of World Business Chicago. This is a partnership between the city and private companies that focus on continued business growth, and also on the board of directors of Discover financial services.

Having done all these, Jeff Aronin Family Foundation is also involved in advocacy for patients and research for some of the world’s most neglected diseases. The Jeff Aronin Family Foundation has benefitted many hospitals and clinics worldwide.


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