Intuitive Investments with Entrepreneur Chris Burch

Nihiwatu s the world’s most luxurious and magnificent resort according to Travel + Leisure, for 2 consecutive years, 2016 and 2017. This luxurious resort is located in Indonesia on the island of Sumba. Photos of Sumba show the island to be absolutely gorgeous and jaw dropping in its natural beauty. The resort was purchased by entrepreneur Christopher Burch in the year 2012, ( After acquiring this resort Chris poured heavy amounts his investment funds into the resort. Doing so was well worth it as the resort has climbed to the number one place to spend your vacation on the planet. Chris has invested his money in many other areas and those many areas all have created great success for the companies and individuals that Chris has invested in.

The first company that Chris invested in was a start up with his brother, an apparel company called Eagle Eye. The brothers invested a total of $2000 into the company. Later this company was acquired from the brothers for over 160 million dollars by Swire Group. Chris believes primarily in investing in individuals not necessarily companies and businesses. He has the uncanny ability to gauge the behavior of people and their responsiveness to possible investments. He has invested in a plethora of areas other than real estate ( ┬áHe was one of the first to invest in online internet capital groups and IPO. Chris has helped Ellen DeGeneres with her brand, ED, launch and assisted many others in their investments as well. These areas include organic health foods, real estate, technology companies, children’s products and much more.

In his youth Chris was a challenged young man. He had terrible learning disabilities and ADD. Chris would have tremendous panic and anxiety attacks. Growing up his brother was much brighter and educationally sound than he was. No ever really knew what was wrong with Chris to get the necessary help. But what ended up helping him was at a young age he needed to listen to the radio to calm his nerves at night. And the years listening to the different people and vast diversity of individual thought Chris developed the ability to understand humanity and vulnerability. He could understand people and intuitively know how people tick and eventually the traits he knew were worthwhile in terms of investments.

With Mr. Burch’s newfound ability to gauge the ability of another he has made intuitive and calculated investments that have made him a success and allowed him to generously give back to several domestic and international charities across the globe.

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