Igor Cornelsen’s Pointers For Making Good Investment Choices

Igor Cornelsen has over 40 years in financial advice and has published various blogs and tips on how your investment choices should be guided. Some of his main tips are how to find damaged stocks and buy them while their low, and whether you should consider investing in foreign markets. Cornelsen’s first tip on investing is not to be a day trader, which is someone who buys stocks in between the opening and closing bells with the intent of selling it the same day. Instead, the stocks, bonds or mutual funds you add to your portfolio should be put in an IRA or another long-term savings account where they can survive volatility and gain money for the long run.

Igor Cornelsen started out managing large accounts in the commercial and credit divisions of investment banks in Brazil. He received two bachelor’s degrees from the University of Parana in engineering and economics and started out in an entry-level position at Multibanco, a major national bank in Brazil at the time. He moved up the ranks in that bank to become CEO eventually of Multibanco, and when that bank merged with Bank of America, he joined the executive boards of Unibanco, and from there to Libra Bank PLC. Cornelsen has worked with clients of many nationalities and industries both in the public and private sectors of Brazil. Today he’s retired though he still does some part-time consulting for various companies and makes appearances on television from time to time. He also travels back and forth between Brazil and a vacation home he has in Miami, FL.

Igor Cornelsen stated in an article release what investors should do if they’re interested in investing in Brazil. He encouraged investing in a Brazilian foreign exchange fund or potentially looking into global equities in Brazil, but there things you should know before doing so. First, you need to know the banks you’ll be dealing with to know which ones are authorized to deal in foreign exchange currencies. Second, you should get acquainted with locals down there because they might be able to give you more insights on making wise investment decisions. And finally because Brazil has had to deal with some political upheaval recently, you may want to consult an attorney down there to make sure your investments are not violating any new regulations.

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