Igor Cornelsen Has Investment Advice You Won’t Find In Too Many Big Newspapers

Igor Cornelsen is someone you can depend on for investing news and tips because he is not a Wall Street insider or a current corporate executive, though he was a former Brazilian investment bank advisor. Currently he invests only as a spare time hobby and shares his insights on the market through blog posts and social media and consults part-time for Bainbridge Capital. One thing he does believe is that anyone can become a good investor regardless of their educational background because all they need is just to have the right mindset when investing. Learn more Igor Cornelsen at Tumblr

Everyone is going to have different goals for investing whether it’s for buying a new car or home in the near future, giving your children a college education or the most common reason which is retirement. But Cornelsen says none of your goals should be to gamble with investments thinking you’ll get rich quick overnight because the stock market doesn’t work like that. You should be looking for affordable stocks that aren’t too high of a risk, or if you need to offset any risky stocks you should have multiple stocks in your portfolio. Also, knowing the company you’re going to invest in is also important because well run companies usually mean great performing stocks while poorly run companies mean the opposite. Read the article at frenchtribune.com to know more.

Igor Cornelsen also has some information on investing in Brazil, a subject that hits close to home for him because it’s his native land. Cornelsen encourages investing here because the company has a diverse economy and rakes in a lot of money from advertising and marketing companies as well as tourism. Now Brazil has undergone some political and economic challenges in recent years, and Cornelsen is aware that investors do face some regulatory red tape when coming into Brazil, but he’s confident that better times are ahead and that there are things about the banks you should know. First, Cornelsen says you should know about the five major banks and the role they play in investing. Second he says you should be aware of where the Real is going and how its value can affect investments. And third, you need to keep an eye on China and other competitors as their policies could indirectly affect your Brazilian investment.