Guilherme Paulus On Innovation And Growth

     When RCI Brasil hosted their annual Top Seller Event, the team was centered around Entrepreneurship and what it entailed for the country. The 2017 event would be special as the guest speaker Guilherme Paulus an entrepreneur himself, who is the current chairman of the board of CVC, and the GJP Hotels Network, considered to be one of the largest hotel groups in Brazil was in attendance ready to share some tips. This was an opportunity for others to learn what it took for Guilherme Paulus to start and grow CVC and the GJP network, over the years to what it is today. During this speech, he took the time to look back at how he began as an IBM intern which gave him a chance to learn a lot about computing while at the same time hoping that this was not what he was destined to do for the rest of his life. This would see him seek opportunities elsewhere and it was during this time that he saw an advertisement in the papers seeking salespersons. This was the opportunity that would propel his growth in the tourism sector. While working here, he discovered the numerous opportunities that were untapped, especially on the promotion and tour areas. This job would also present him with a partner who was also as eager as him to open a travel and tour agency something that they did together. Guilherme Paulus remembers that his first breakthrough came when he received a call from Mercedes seeking to take its employees on tour. The tour would involve approximately three buses and its during this that Guilherme Paulus gained an opportunity to network with some of the most brilliant minds. His interaction with them opened his eyes to opportunities with companies and how he could tap into them.

This would serve them well, but Guilherme Paulus understood the power and needed to innovate and keep customers interested continuously. This was the kind of thinking that saw his group bring the first Cruise ship to Brazil in 2001. This spirit of innovation would see them set up a virtual agency that coincided with the advent of the world wide web. This meant CVC was among the earliest adopters of internet marketing and as such was able to meet the needs of millions of potential clients in the comfort of their homes. This is what makes the company as successful as it is today.