Felipe Montoro Jens Recaps the Cni Study on Paralyzed Projects

A study conducted in 2017 by National Confederation of Industry (CNI), “Great works stopped: how to face the problem” indicates that, currently in Brazil, there are 2,796 works paralyzed. Out of these, 517 are linked to the infrastructure industry. This is 18.5% of the total delays. According to Felipe Montoro Jens, the Infrastructure Projects Expert, this has cost 10.7 billion of the public funds.

When it comes to infrastructure, most of the projects paralyzed relate to basic sanitation with 447 stopping at the implementation stage. To complete the 517 of the affected works, 16 are linked to the construction of airports, there are 30 highways, 6 ports, 5 waterways, 8 are related to urban mobility and 5 railways. More about Felipe Montoro Jens at ideamensch.com

Felipe Montoro Jens indicates the CNI study found that, other than delays in infrastructure, interruption of construction has also been witnessed in day-care centers, sports facilities and preschools. From this study, some of the reasons pointed out that led to these delays include: technical problems, issues related to land ownership, financial constraints among many others. The economic crisis the country is facing has also forced the government to interfere with important projects in an effort to control spending.

In order to fight this constant paralysis and delays, NCI recommends six measures: strengthen internal control, conduct efficient micro-planning, better equip teams, design more balanced contracts, improve macro-planning and evaluate the best execution modality. Felipe Montoro Jens highlights that the study of the National Confederation of Industry is part of a series of documents on strategic issues that were handed to presidential candidates in the election slated for October.

The National Confederation of Industry is a Sao Paulo based company that represents the highest body of the industry’s trade union system. It defends the interests of the national industry and acts in articulation with the three arms of government.

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