EOS Review: Lip-saving Solution to Chapped Lips

The lips contain very little natural moisture and oils, and along with the areas under the eye, also are extremely thin. This makes the lips more prone to wrinkles and dryness that can make a person’s face look more aged.

Along with dryness and wrinkling, the lips can also be more susceptible to sun damage, cracking and becoming irritated under the sun’s constantly unforgiving rays. Luckily, EOS Lip Balm — available in a round and unique pod shape design — is able to salvage dry and damaged lips and give the mouth a more youthful, attractive appearance.

What makes EOS so user friendly is the application of the product itself. The top screws off the egg-shaped container so the lip balm within doesn’t have to be twisted out. Rather, the rounded balm can be easily applied to the entire lip by touching the mouth to the pod or manually by using a finger to apply the balm.

EOS is known for its natural, healthy ingredients placed in each of their lip balms. The brand is also known for its creative packaging that appeals to a wider audience; the balm itself has a more unique and mature look that is easy to apply and fun to show off.

Users of EOS Lip Balm enjoy both the colorful tints that EOS puts in some of their balms and the tasty flavors. Always keeping up with competition, EOS makes sure each of its lip balms are pleasing to the lips and enjoyable both as a skin care and beauty product.

EOS is found in any department store and is affordably priced. Those who enjoy the brand often invest in more than one flavor or tint of the balm.