Enjoy Incredible and Priceless Classroom Moments with ClassDojo

Recently, ClassDojo, a free application, completed their series B round fund raising, by managing to collect $21 million aimed at assisting the app grow and expand. This app does not charge educators, students and parents for all the communication features it offers. Interestingly, it enables them maintain consistent communication about student’s social and behavioral development as well as activities at school. The constant communication between parents and teachers has assisted make teacher-parent conferences less surprising and easier. According to Liam Don and Sam Chaudhary, the round funding will be used to hire more professional team members as well as identify crucial features that parents can use at the comfort of their homes. ClassDojo aims at giving parent the empowerment to easily participate in their children’s education.

Amazing Features of the App

This great application enables teachers to create favorable schedules for students and also allows student send both videos and photos of their class moments to parents. The growth of ClassDojo is aligned to more of an interesting social media account by the co founders. In 2011, they did a survey to identify areas that needed improvement in order to ensure teachers and student’s daily activities run smoothly. ClassDojo has become so popular since it is currently being used nationwide in about 2 out of 3 schools. Co-founders of this great app are not profit oriented. They look forward to creating a positive culture with classrooms and schools as well as ensuring communication between teachers and parents is simplified. All information about students is well secured by ClassDojo since privacy is one of their major concerns. According to ClassDojo co-founders, this app focuses on creating a community with great success.


ClassDojo is an amazing communication platform that is available through android devices, apple and web site. It is designed on grounds of simplicity and so generating codes for students is an easy task on this application. Parents and students are provided a pre-made template letter to assist those sign up on ClassDojo. The popular Class Story and Popular Story allows teachers and students share priceless and incredible class moments. ClassDojo aims at grounding up change within the education sector.

To learn more about ClassDojo, visit https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ClassDojo.