Securus Technologies Acquires GovPayNet For Processing Payments For Government Agencies

For anyone who has someone they love behind bars serving time, you already know how expensive it can be to talk to them while they are on the inside. When you make a payment to speak to your loved ones, how can you be sure your information is safe?


Securus Technologies has been involved for many years in a variety of ways for inmates and inmates safety. In recent times, Securus Technologies has purchased GovPayNet in an effort to expand its reach in payment service for government agencies. They will provide the consumer with ways to process payments for many government services like court fee’s, fines and then even costs associated with bail and other services. They will provide the resources for debit payments and credit card payments.


In more than 35 states, GovPayNet is involved with more than 2,300 different agencies. They cover more than 25% of the United States Territory. GovPayNet has been the main source for government processing of payments for more than 20 years. The business had begun when an ex-sheriff decided to help assisting other enforcement agencies by handling the cash form of bail payments with credit card payments.


GovPayNet has been involved in many areas of payment related expenses for inmates. They have been the business to deal with for the cost of probation oversight as well as restitution and the costs associated with electronic monitoring such as house arrest. They are also involved for traffic fines as well as criminal fines. They assist in payments for impounds and towing.


Securus is headquarted in Texas with more than 3,500 in public safety as well as in law enforcement and corrections. They provide for over a million inmates throughout the North America region. They have been committed to servicing and protecting all involved in emergency response.


Everyone is happy and safe with Securus Technologies

The family is essential to us. We do not want to part at any given point. The sorrow that comes along with a family member is immeasurable. However, sometimes our loved ones need to go to correctional services. This is to correct character and ensure that the individuals come out better people.

The family members were, however, afraid of the consequences that come along with being behind bars. Massive killings and bullying have been reported in the past. However, lately, the detention have improved. This is after the Securus Technologies intervened.

Securus Technologies is a high ranked technology company. It aims to ensure that both the public and inmates are safe.

The company has installed devices in the correctional services that allow monitoring of every activity that goes on in the cells. This has solved a lot of issues. Many crimes have been punished, and corrupted officers have been dealt with for their malicious acts.

With the monitoring, inmates are assured of safety. They explain that they used to live in fear. This is because of the collaboration of corrupted officers to kill inmates. The killing is mainly to eliminate any traces of evidence for crimes.

The Securus Technologies has also introduced communication gadgets to the people. The inmates can communicate with their families. The family members are grateful for this developments.

The company has taken precautions. This is because they understand that some convicts may use the gadgets for other intentions. This is why the conversations are recorded. In case of any suspicions, the conversations are used as investigation gadgets. They have proofed effective because they can only be cracked by Securus Company.

Securus Technologies is a reliable instrument in the investigations. It has also improved the lives of the inmates. The inmates and their families are very grateful to the company. The investigation officers are also glad for the cases that the devices have helped in solving.


The Supreme Securus Technologies Services

Securus Technologies


This is an American Company based in Dallas, Texas. It’s a for-profit prison technology company. It’s was established in 1986. It was founded with regional offices stationed in the following regions:




Atlanta Georgia


Securus Technologies is among one of the largest providers of:


Communication detainees

Government Information Management Solutions

Parolee tracking

This company approximately engage 1000 employees. In the US, it’s said to have contracts that have 2,600 correctional facilities in 45 states, Mexico, Canada, The District of Columbia and over 1 million inmates nationwide. In addition, it serves more than 2,200ncorrectional facilities all over Canada and US. In July 2016, This Company was reported to have invested over 600 million dollars in three years. It invested in technologies, acquisitions, and patents.


It’s a recognized leader in the provision of:



Responsive customer care service

Innovative technical solution

This company’s sole focus is the exceptional requirements of the law enforcement communities and corrections.


Phone services


At Securus, we discern the intensity of convenience and variety when we venture into fundraising intimate telephone calls. For us, to deliver the best customer services, we offer payment product, making it easier for each and every one to choose the upright fit for you so as to keep in touch with your relatives and loved ones.


Advance connect


Advance connect is simply a prepaid calling account. This prepaid calling account puts you in control of your personal expenditure and makes sure you are able to receive all calls from connectional facilities. It is the most and highly use payment product.


Direct bill


The direct bill enables you to receive all calls from intimates. It also has all the call fees billed directly to you as the user each and every month. This account is best suited for:



friends and families of long-stay inmates

bail bonds men

To qualify, a credit check is done and verified.


Securus Technologies Takes The Gold

PRNewswire recently did an article about Securus Technologies and their recent Stevie award. Securus Technologies is a company that deals with technology in the correction sector. Securus Technologies is also a company that deals with the technology that makes life easier for those individuals who are working in the law-enforcement sector. Securus Technologies services more than 3,450 different law-enforcement agencies, and they care for over 1,200,000 inmates all across America. Securus Technologies offers technology solutions in the following areas: incident management, communication, inmate self-service, monitoring technology, and public information.


Securus Technologies is a company that was able to receive the Stevie awards. The Stevie award is an award that is given to seven different programs across the world. This is an award that is issued to companies that have exceptional customer service and sales skills. The Stevie award receives more than 10,000 entries every year from different organizations globally. This award honors organizations that are all different sizes, and they recognize outstanding performance in the workplace.


Securus Technologies was awarded the best customer service training department at the 11th annual Stevie awards for sales and customer service. Since this is one of the top honors in the world when it comes to customer service, Securus Technologies is very proud of their achievement.


Why People Trust Talk Fusion

When people think about Talk Fusion, they tend to think about all of the innovations that come with it such as video email which allows for video marketing. Many people are intrigued by the ability to take part in video conferences and even video chat. Even when they hear about the different promotions that are available for people to take advantage of, this doesn’t even scratch the surface of what makes Talk Fusion so good. Even the reviews of satisfied and successful entrepreneurs do not capture the most important aspect of the company.

The one aspect of the company that is very helpful to its success is its support. While Talk Fusion has all of the innovative features for small businesses, it is the team that is available to help the user if they run into problems that make the company trustworthy. One thing is that Talk Fusion is built with the sole purpose of forming better customer relationships. Therefore, they are practicing for themselves what they want their customers to achieve. They don’t want the clients that have signed up for the service to figure it out all on their own. This is why they make it clear that the customer has the help available to them.

Talk Fusion was created with the right purpose in mind which is to make things easier for people. They also offer incentives for their members who take the time to master many different features of this product. The people behind Talk Fusion make it their business to help their customers grow their business. The company approaches the issue from what they can offer people. Users who get involved with the company will find that they have someone that will help them in every aspect of their careers. Of course there will be new innovations from Talk Fusion as well.

Securus Technologies Transforms from Manual Processing to Digital Automation

The ConnectUs Platform

Securus Technologies leads in the provision of civil and criminal justice technology solutions nationwide. Apparently, the company is implementing its Inmate Forms and Grievance application on ConnectUs to save customers’ real time and money. Securus strives to provide advanced, edge-cutting technology and features to its clients. Russell Roberts, the head of Marketing and Strategies at Securus says that the implementation of Inmate Forms and Grievance application illustrates how the company is committed to modernizing its customers with the latest, most efficient technology. The application abolishes the use of papers for requests like sign up forms, medical, grievances, and handbook acceptance forms. As such, correctional officers will spend little time copying, responding, archiving and storing documents.

With this application, Securus Technologies will be able to create custom forms for any request. It will take a shorter time to change a form, and no printing is involved. The ConnectUs platform transforms the company from manual processing to digital automation. Apparently, Securus processes an average of 14 forms manually per month. Therefore, the new system will save correctional staff adequate time that can be used to focus on security and safety issues. Additionally, inmates also benefit from the platform because they will have access to the application forms and their status, and decide to either accept or appeal them.

The ConnectUs platform is easy to implement and therefore loved by everyone. If implemented, it will save thousands of dollars used on processing papers manually. In an ongoing effort to automate correctional facilities, Securus’ ConnectUs modernizes incarceration experience. It is the most robust platform in the market with the latest features that allow inmates to access unlimited services as designated by the correctional facilities. Not only does ConnectUs allows the inmates to access boundless set of applications, but also governs what they can access.

Innovative Mobile App from Securus Technologies Performs Exceptionally Well in the Market

At Securus Technologies, we are proud to announce that our recently launched app, that allows inmates to make video calls to friends or family members, has received a fairly good market reception. The phone application is available to all types of gadgets including Android OS tablets and phones as well as Apple products including iPod touches, iPads and iPhones. We launched the app designed for android phones 6 months ago. Since then according to PR Newswire, it has been downloaded well over 60,000 times. On the other hand, our Apple version application received nearly 5,000 downloads in its first week of launch. Watch the app infomercial here:

Statement from Russell Roberts, Marketing and Strategy VP

Russell said that our new video visitation app represented one of the many ways that we have dedicated our services to connect loved ones with ease. With this new free app, families can easily communicate and interact with incarcerated relatives in a safe environment. The app offered better communication services and made it easier for far-off family members to visit their relatives in correctional facilities. Roberts added that the mobile app was convenient for individuals who find physically visiting loved ones a huge inconvenience.

Securus Technologies

Securus is an industry leader that provides state-of-the-art technology solutions that are designed for the criminal justice and civil departments. Our solutions are used for ensuring adequate public safety, assisting various investigative and monitoring efforts, as well as providing key services to correctional holding facilities in North America. We serve an impressive 3,400 agencies in different fields of public safety, correctional facilities and in law enforcement.

A PR Newswire study revealed Securus services cover over 1.2 million incarcerated inmates across facilities that stretch across North America. This is an impressive feat that we are all too glad and able to achieve. At Securus, we offer valid solutions to some of the most vital services required by the security industry. Furthermore, our technology is innovative, functional and highly innovative.