The Yellow Brick Road to Home Ownership Starts with NTC

For Years, the “American Dream” has been in the ability to engage in the ownership of ones own property. Though it is a dream of many, those that do finally take the leap find themselves in a mountain of paperwork. The task of purchasing a home can seem like an overdose of property laws, rules, and regulations that the average person is simply ill prepared for. One of the first major steps in home ownership is making sure the property has a clean title.


Nationwide Title Clearing, NTC, has prepared a “Yellow Brick Road” to success when researching the title to your new property purchase. NTC is based in Palm Beach, Florida and has over 25 years of experience in the residential mortgage industry. They are a privately-owned leading research and document processing service provider that services mortgage lenders, servicers and investors, which includes the likes of 8 of the top 10 mortgage servicing companies in the country.


The company provides a state of the art website that provides online property reports to help avoid the trouble of title defects. Title defects can occur when a person or entity tries to claim ownership on property that belongs to someone else, which becomes an issue of validity on the title. For this purpose, NTC has made it their business to provide reports that can help address title defects before the sale or transfer of property. These online reports are based on research that was drawn from actual land records and are available for any residential property nationwide. These reports include Assignment Verification Reports, Current Owner Reports, and Tax Status Reports.


Under heavy audited compliance regulations, NTC makes it their duty to provide the most reliable data that is available. They have coupled automation with human data verification from many different sources during the process of obtaining their database systems. The success of servicing most of the largest lenders in the US comes with lots of hard work and commitment from NTC.


They are constantly striving to be the best in their industry. NTC has currently opened a Dallas office which includes a new data center. This center will employ over 100 employees that provide overflow services for the firms data entry, online research, and file audit work. This is mainly due to the fluctuating work volumes that the company has had in paving that “yellow brick road” to a clean title.


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