The Lung Institute Helps You Live Life to the Fullest!

Imagine that you are walking up the steps or trying to play with your grandkids yet you feel like you are struggling for the breath of life or oxygen to breathe like a normal person. Have no despair you are normal it’s just that you are suffering from a chronic lung illness. Previously this would have gave you the option of going for a invasive and painful or life changing procedure but the Lung Institute has made the treatment process easier and less painful for you by using stem cell therapy.

The Lung Institute primary mission is to help improve the quality of life for those suffering from COPD and other lung diseases. They use the latest in cutting edge technology and couple that with expert care and treated options to make you feel right at home during the process. The Institute treats the whole patient starting with a comprehensive medical history done on each patient. This is followed by an examination of current conditions before processing any treatment plans.

According to, the Lung Institute uses the stem cell process that works by withdrawing and isolating st cells from your blood and then later reintroducing those cells into your body where they come to rest in the lungs. It helps to foster the body’s natural healing process. It also helps to limit inflammation throughout the body. The best benefit to the patient of all is that this process is minimally invasive and relatively painless compared to traditional procedures being done.

Check out the Lung Institute today and learn how you can live a better life today! They have a team of world class and renowned doctors with proven and researched treatment methods waiting to help you through this process of living a better life! The Lung Institute has offices in places like Dallas, Tampa, and Pittsburgh among other big cities to serve all of its clients effectively and efficiently. They offer free consultations and that could be just a phone call away for you! Visit us on


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