Kate Hudson’s Fabletics Launches New Swimsuit Line

Just in time for summer, Fabletics, a sports wear company, has launched its new swimsuit line April 12. Founded in part by Kate Hudson, Fabletics began primarily as a women’s subscription fitness website that picks out personalized outfits for users based on lifestyle and preference. Beginning this year, they are expanding to swimsuits, with one and two pieces in sporty styles for anyone, small to large.

As part of the press release, Hudson said, Summer is my favorite season, so it was exciting to create our new dress and swim collections. Our design team also worked hard to perfect the swim styles. TheyÕre sexy and stylish, but comfortable to wear, and we have styles for every body type. Elite Daily reported on their new swimsuits April 6, giving readers an inside look at the kinds of styles that will be offered by the site. Many of the designs incorporate interesting straps, mesh accents, and bright colors.

As part of the Athleisure trend, Fabletics has cornered the market since their inception in 2013 with stylish yoga pants, sports shirts, and more. Athleisure is a trend that incorporates workout clothes as everyday wear and has grown consistently in the last 5 years. This trend is not only for women; luxury sweat pants and varsity jackets have become stylish for men as well.

Much of Fabletics’ success has to do with the founder, Kate Hudson (find more here: ). Her star power and effortless style make any clothing with her name on it enticing for the everyday woman. Her name attached to the site has contributed to its success, with over 5 million customers and over a million VIP members.
Part of the JustFab umbrella, Fabletics allows the users to receive greatly reduced pricing with a regular membership and personally picks out clothing for the user based on answers to specific questions. This attention to the individual consumer helps create an intimacy with the public and makes it a user friendly and personalized experience. With the inclusion of swimsuits, it looks as if Fabletics will continue to expand as their success grows.

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