2018 May Be The Best Year Yet For The Chainsmokers

The Chainsmokers are the first artists to be recognized for their bewildering efforts in the dance/electronic music category. The DJ/production duo began the year on a high note releasing hit songs and doing collaborations. They released their single “Sick boy” in January that has more than 136 million views on YouTube currently. In February they released “You owe me” that was rated number 4 on the billboard and “closer” a song they had collaborated with Halsey. “Everybody hates me” followed the hits in March and even though the video wasn’t out yet, the audio track hit 9 million views in less than a month.

The pair is growing really quick and is delivering to their fans more than they are expected. In the Ultra Music Awards in Miami, they had a spirited performance giving a set of six brand new songs, a hard dubstep and their commercial hits. Within the same month of “Everybody hates me” release, they won four awards with iHeartRadio Awards. They were honored with awards for Best Collaboration, top dance artists and the best dance album.

On 21st May, they were recognized by the Billboard Music Awards as the best artists in the dance/electronic act and the duo dedicated the award to Avicii, the Swedish DJ who succumbed to mental illness. Taggart, one half of the Chainsmokers told the crowd that Avicii had inspired them and made them believe that pop music was something they could do. He added that he hoped Avicii had found peace and they would dearly miss him.

The first time they mentioned Avicii was when they were asked to present Luis Fonsi with an award together with Halsey, the featured singer in their hit “closer.” They said that his death was a massive blow to the EDM fraternity, having lost a mentor and a great artist. Halsey reminded everyone to love and support their friends and family struggling with mental illnesses. The pair that met through their present manager is grateful to the support its fans are showing internationally and have an incredible ability to excite them by doing live instrumentals and great vocals.