Find Friends Just By Laughing On Skout

What does it mean to laugh around another person? Laughing alone can mean that you enjoy having fun. There is certainly nothing wrong with laughing by yourself. People laugh alone when they watch movies, and some people laugh alone when they think of something funny. It is okay to laugh alone, but it is also a very enjoyable activity to laugh with other people. Laughing with another person will often help both parties engage more in the conversation. It draws attention to an intellectual side of the conversation because laughter shows that something someone said or did is quite interesting. Laughter can also be a personal trait that shows a certain side of your personality. It shows that you are not afraid to let loose and enjoy life.

Laughter reduces stress, and it also helps people live happier lives. People who laugh often are often healthier individuals. In order to show their appreciation for laughter and bringing people together for joyous communion, Skout decided to conduct a survey of their user population. They actually surveyed 3,000 people who use Skout on their opinions around the subject of humor and laughter. This information was published on PR Newswire, so you can see all the details on their site (link provided at the end of this post).

Skout’s Survey Results Indicate Laughter Attracts Friends

Attracting attention and new friends on Skout is easy if you are able to show the best parts of yourself on your profile. It helps to be honest with what you write, and you should always be honest on your profile about what you are looking for on the platform. People use Skout for a variety of reasons, so you can use it to find new friends or develop other types of relationships. It’s easy to use, and it’s free to be a part of the Skout community.

Can you remember the last time you laughed? The team at Skout found out through research that users who post pictures on their profile of themselves laughing are having an easier time finding new friends. Statistically, the users that post a picture of themselves laughing are more than 400 percent more likely to see that their profile is favorited by another user. It feels great to make new friends on Skout, and it feels even better to join them in laughter. Here’s that interesting PR Newswire article.

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