Queens of Drama: Continues To Excel In New and Exciting Ways

It is likely new cast members will be joining other ladies on Pop’s reality series Queens of Drama when it begins airing again. Although no new names are posted officially, calls went out last summer for two well-known soap stars to join the show producer and actress Donna Mills in Season 2. Six to 10 episodes were scheduled for filming last fall, so there’s no telling what these women have in store for viewers this time around!

To catch you up, the show is a docu-drama that puts actresses together where they work both in front of and behind the camera to create and pitch a hot, new successful prime-time drama. Last season, Mills hosted a party last season to tell the ladies she has pitched the show to a network without involving them. Naturally, there is as much drama in the reality show as there is on the actresses’ prime-time pilot set.

Crystal Hunt, who has been on the series since it aired in 2015, will be back to work with other daytime and prime-time television actresses, including Emmy award-winner Vanessa Marcil and popular television vixen Joan Collins, on the project in hopes of developing a steamy show to air. Hunt works on the reality show in Los Angeles where all the cast members participate in every aspect of filming, producing a new prime-time drama they will eventually pitch to networks.

Hunt, a Clearwater, Fla., native and IMDb member has acclaimed success since she was 17 years old when am agent discovered in her in the Actors Workshop in New York. She soon began her professional acting career “Lizzie Spaulding,” a troubled teen character on the soap opera Guiding Light. Hunt later played the memorable character of “Stacy Morasco” on One Live To Live. She also has been in several movies, beginning with the family-film The Derby Stallion starring Zac Efron and then worked with Amanda Bynes in Sydney White, a romantic comedy based on the Snow White fairy tale.

Her Instagram acting clips indicate Hunt also showcased her acting talents in the 2014 movie 23 Blast, an inspirational, true story of high school football athlete facing irreversible blindness and was in the Magic Mike sequel Magic Mike XXL. Even with her California success, Hunt is still heavily invested in her family, friends, and church in the Tampa, Fla., area, and loves car races and trucks.  For a bigger breakdown check out Crystal Hunt’s metacritic which lists all movies and review scores for each role.