The Ultimate Entrepreneur, Robert Santiago.

Roberto Santiago is a man with extraordinary perception, remarkable outlooks, and the ability to recognize golden opportunities. Santiago’s climb to success started at a very tender age.

Santiago was born and raised in Joao Pessoa. Attending the University of Joao Pessoa and successfully graduating with a degree in business administration. That’s not to say he didn’t have any other outstanding talents, Santiago was extremely skilled in sports – having obtaining a multitude of trophies and medals in widely spectated racing tournaments. In the beginning he started off small, having been employed and put to work at a “Café Santa Rosa”. Santiago then proceeded to become the founder of a company that focused on the construction and distribution of certain cardboards. At one point, he even made a run at selling certain properties and buildings in real estate, and experimenting with the assembly of household appliances/furnishings.


Time and time again, Roberto Santiago displayed maturity that went well beyond his years. Having continuing his ascension of the ladder of success, years later we find Santiago at the top, now considered to be one of the most exceptional businessmen in all of Brazil, Roberto Santiago is not only an acclaimed entrepreneur but a reputable public figure as well. His most notable success is having ownership of the massive and well known enterprise “Manaira Shopping” which is world renowned for offering a variety of recreational activities. Santiago has truly built himself an empire. With the company only having been inaugurated back in 2014, Santiago’s faithful dedication to his company is the sole reason it has become the leading commercial corporation center in the entire southern region of João Pessoa.


In addition to being a highly respected and successful business man, Robert Santiago is just as devoted to his family as he is his company. His number one priority being keeping them happy and safe. The executives enterprise contains 11 movie theaters completed with state of the art display fixtures, bowling alleys that are either classic or electric. Gaming Hubs with over 16 dozen different types of gadgets appropriate for people of any and all years. A Gymnasium equipped with an array of workout machines, Music lounges for anyone that just wants an enjoyable night of music, food, and good friends. Luxurious rooms specialized to give you maximal comfort, and a multitude of restaurants with varied menus. On top of being such a prosperous entrepreneur,It’s more than reasonable to say that Santiago is a big family man.


It doesn’t end there! the effect Santiago has had on his local community is revolutionary! In just 2 decades, Santiago’s business has caused the city’s popularity to experience a drastic increase. As a result, there has been a boost in nationwide performances and celebrations that have taken place in the city of Joan Pessoa. Santiago’s contribution to the community and furthermore all of Brazil has been astronomical, Roberto Santiago will continue to stay an icon and inspire the hearts of Entrepreneurs and Brazilians alike.