Bernardo Chua Announces Organo Gold’s Preferred Customer Program

Bernardo Chua, the guru of the healthy coffee franchise, Organo Gold, launched a new rewards program for preferred customers. According to Chua’s Facebook, the program is a vehicle to acknowledge the appreciation for loyalty and patronage. With Organo Gold being a favorable brand, this new rewards program will certainly help expand an already loyal following.

Benefits of Organo Gold Rewards Program

Customers can share the benefits of Organo Gold products by joining the auto-ship program. With auto-ship, customers have preferred door-to-door shipment, and can take advantage of receiving their products on-time, scheduled each month. Customers then receive a 25 percent discount toward their purchase(s). Exclusive rights including sneak peeks and early access to upcoming sales are just some of the benefits of the Organo Gold preferred program. Preferred service, like support systems and dedicated customer service representatives are other perks of joining this program.

Committed to a healthier lifestyle, founder Bernardo Chua started Organo Gold as a home business in 2008. Chua found early on that he could improve coffee and teas by simply going beyond the basic need for caffeine. Chua began utilizing a tropical Asian medicinal trend of using Ganoderma, a wild-grown mushroom that contains bioactive compounds. These compounds have antioxidant, and antifungal therapeutic benefits. Chua infused the powerful Ganoderma ingredient into coffee and teas to give the drinks a healthier edge, an today’s version of Organo Gold packs a powerful punch.

Winner of the People’s Choice Award, the Napolean Hill Gold Medal Award, and the Seal of Excellence from the Philippines, Organo Gold and Bernardo Chua demonstrates excellance. The company currently operates in 37 countries, making Chua one of the most innovative and successful independent home distributors. “Since founding Organo Gold, there has been a dramatic change in the beverage industry,” and “consumers have become increasingly health conscious which has strengthened the business,” said Bernardo Chua.