George Soros: EU March Towards Catastrophic Economic Disaster!

A CNBC news piece on politics expands on Hungarian-American business magnate and veteran financier, George Soros commentary on the worsening EU refugee crisis. The billionaire investor op-ed piece for the NY Review Books raised compelling arguments about the Schengen government’s ineffectiveness in controlling the ongoing refugee situation. Greece, in particular, struggles as human welfare conditions worsen with asylum seekers in despair. In 2015, George Soros reports that African and Middle Eastern refugees pursued Europe in hopes of starting life anew.

Soros stressed that EU leaders require some thirty-four billion US dollars annually to control the situation effectively. While the EU currently aids Greece in returning illegal asylum seekers to Turkey on, Soros insisted on a long-term remedy. Consequently, Soros intervention promises placement for legitimate asylum seekers entering Europe. He speculated that EU leaders should organize a program that limits the annual refugee absorption rate to about 300,000 – 500,000. Soros predicts an impending EU economy collapse should leaders fail to employ a more effective remedial intervention.

With this threat gaining momentum each day and EU leaders deliberating if it warrants engaging Triple-A credit; George Soros strongly promote the idea. He further added that the European Commission’s BPAF (Balance of Payments Assistance Facility) and EFSF (European Financial Stabilization Mechanism) controls some sixty-eight billion US dollars. With this large some reserve, EU leaders can control the treat easier rather than amassing insufficient funding.

In 1947 when Hungary politics reached intolerable conditions, powerhouse investment market strategist, George Soros migrated to England. A London School Economics graduate on, he landed employment with a British bank. By 1956, Soros left for the U.S. where he later secured a position at F.M. Mayer, a top-tier investment banking manager. Initially, he worked as an investment analyst and later held managerial roles. Oxford University awarded George Soros a degree. For the past three decades, Soros supported global humanitarian endeavors and democratic ideals. Today, he remains committed to the initiative. He chairs Soros Fund Management, a top-grossing investment banking and financial services consultancy. As a renowned investor, Soros attracts a sizable following. He founded the Fund in 1973 which has garnered immense success and growth in the last three decades. In fact, it’s become a prominent Quantum Fund. After some years managing the Fund, Soros decided to focus on philanthropic projects.

Through his organization, OSF (Open Society Foundations), he orchestrates humanitarian efforts globally. Karl Popper rebranded the label “open society” after Henri Louis, a respected French philosopher coined the phrase. It’s inherited different meaning over time, but Karl Popper’s interpretation of the idea resonates with George Soros philosophy. The Foundation operates in some 100 countries worldwide. He founded OSI (Open Society Institute) in 1993, a New York-based organization focused on mobilizing the vehicles of global capitalism. Social justice, freedom, human rights and democracy are some key areas OSI explores. A published author, Soros expands on his ideas of economics, politics among other studied interventions. An outspoken political activist, Soros earned notoriety from his countless op-ed pieces and personal contributions. What’s more, he lectures about human rights, education, U.S. world issues/affairs, political freedom, etc.