Kevin Seawright Makes The Homeownership Dream A Reality In Baltimore


Kevin Seawright is an administrative and financial operation professional. Seawright is a multi-skilled individual who has thrived in the private financial sector, outcome efficiency, administrative management, business development ideas and team inclusion. He is the founder of an affordable housing provider, RPS Solutions LLL. Seawright established the company in 2015 which offers first-time homebuyers looking to buy homes in Baltimore cheaper options. RPS Solutions LLL renovates and builds houses at a low cost.

Kevin Seawright is passionate about making homeownership possible for all Baltimore residents. He holds a firm conviction that the most important factor about stabling the neighborhood is ensuring stability through homeownership. Seawright says that homeownership is a major step towards wealth development.


To achieve this end, Seawright works together with the housing and community development and the Baltimore city officials. Through this initiative of renovating houses, first-time homebuyers can get cheap housing. In doing so, they can help people like Jerel Brown who cannot afford to own homes. The initiative will transform the lives of many individuals who never thought it was possible to buy homes.


Jerel Brown is a beneficiary of the affordable housing initiative in Baltimore Metro area by Kevin Seawright. He is a worker at the RPS Solutions LLL where his mother also worked. Jerel would not be a homeowner because his budget did not qualify him to buy a home. He says “It was tough finding upgraded properties at a budget I could afford. I was ecstatic about being a home owner to a home that looks a lot like the ones I only saw in magazines”.


Kevin Seawright who had mentored Jerel since he was a youth was pleased to suggest the idea to Jerel and watch his life transformed. He was excited about the idea of being a homeowner and embraced it without any hesitation. Seawright said, “I was honored to be in the position to help a young person that worked very hard to achieve the homeownership.”


RPS Solutions LLL aims at raising the percentage of homeowners in Baltimore which currently stands at 48.3%. The company’s vision is to match the level of homeownership in the rest of the country.