Beyond Darkness podcast

Chris Jericho and the Norman Pattiz are quickly shaping up to be the two biggest names in the podcast industry. The two founded a podcast network in 2012, called PodcastOne. They’ve quickly acquired a slew of podcasts, and they’re about to add one more to their stable: “Beyond Darkness.”


“Beyond Darkness” which will hit podcasting outlets on Monday, will explore the world of the paranormal. The show is for anyone who’s ever glimpsed a UFO in the dark night, anyone who’s been shaken out of bed by a ghost or goblin, anyone who’s had an accident befall them, only to be saved by a guardian angel, or just anyone who’s wondered about these topics, along with other unexplained phenomena.


The show will add new episodes every week. It will be hosted by two paranormal activity luminaries who have extensive experience in the audio industry. Dave Schrader, one of the hosts, has published numerous books and hosted a score of radio shows. Then there’s Tim Dennis. Dennis has been a radio host for ages and is well-versed in paranormal activity.


With any luck, their show will gain a large following. Chris Jericho recently said that he can’t wait for the show to start. But he expressed hesitation about listening to it late in the night, as it might creep him out.


Jericho’s voice is not to be discounted, as he knows a thing or two about podcasting. He’s a retired WWE wrestler who has been famous for decades. He’s taken his fame and monetized it the podcasting world. Indeed, he’s been referred to as the PodcastOne Network’s MVP.


That’s saying a lot, considering the roster the network has signed over the years. It’s the largest and most profitable advertiser-supported network in the country. Its millions of listeners tune into PodcastOne shows of Adam Carolla, Dr. Drew, and other celebrities.


None of this would be happening without Norman Pattiz, however. The network was his brainchild. He was a radio man for 40 years, but he saw the future in podcasts, which play from computers, smartphones, and even cars. Pattiz serves as the network’s executive chairman.


It hasn’t taken long for Pattiz to gain widespread acclaim for his online endeavors, either. Last year he was profiled in Forbes Magazine. Pattiz has also served his country. Under Presidents Bill Clinton and George W. Bush, he presided over the Broadcasting Board of Governors of the United States of America.

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