Conservative Prankster, James O’Keefe Exposes Himself as He Attempt to Sting George Soros’ Open Society Foundation

It was on March 16th as Dana Geraghty was in his office at Open Society Foundation on West Fifty Street, overseeing a program to help the group’s pro-democracy initiative when he decided to check out his office phone. Open Society Foundation is a creation of the philanthropist billionaire, George Soros, the founder of the hedge fund, Soros Fund Management.

He had programmed his office phone to forward all the messages from unfamiliar callers to his email and as he was checking out his email inbox, he noticed an extra ordinary long message. He asked himself, “Who would leave a seven minute voice mail?” The caller in the voice call sounded like an elderly American male but confirmed himself as “Victor Kesh”, an American-Hungarian who represented a foundation which he never mentioned. As the voice call continued, “Victor Kesh” claimed to get involved with Open Society Foundation and help in what the company fought for “European values”. “Victor Kesh” as he referred himself as asked Geraghty of anyone who he could talk concerning his intention to support and coordinate with Open Society Foundation in their tireless efforts on

However, as “Victor Kesh” requested a call back, he failed to disconnect his phone that portrayed a 914 area code, Westchester County. A short while later, Geraghty heard a voice from the same man who had introduced himself as “Victor Kesh” telling a different person “Don’t say anything,…. before I hang up the phone” Geraghty was puzzled and immediately, thought of listening to the rest of the conversation. Kesh, unaware that he was still being recorded, continued to conduct a meeting about how he planned to perpetrate an intricate sting on George Soros. He could be heard explaining that someone other than himself ought to be making such calls to George Soros“>George Soros, his workers and the Democratic Alliance, which comprised wealthy liberal political donors who were financing this year’s political campaigns. “Kesh” planned to send an undercover agent who would “talk to talk” with Open Society Foundation’s executives, making secret videos that disclosed their embarrassing activities. He even assured the members who he held meetings with that thousands of organizations were with on his side on the matter before he designated the project “Discover the Network”. This is as originally reported at

Kesh also pointed out in his call that the money to be offered could be obtained from Offshore British Virgin Island companies as Soros did not want people to take money from a group like that one. He also claimed that Bill Clinton, Hilary Clinton and Chelsea would all take the suspect cash.

About George Soros

He is the founder and Chairman of Open Society Foundation, a network of partners, foundations and projects in approximately 100 countries. George Soros’ idea of establishing OSF was based on his understanding of philanthropy that rights should be respected, government should be accountable and that no one should have the monopoly of truth.

Soros began pursuing philanthropy earlier in 1979, where he gave scholarships to South African during the Apartheid period. He challenged communism in Europe, supporting cultural exchanges with the West. George Soros has aided the establishment of an international system that brings transparency and accountability among natural resources extracting industries and has supported independent organization such as Global Witness and International Crisis Group to accomplish their foreign relations objectives.