Perry Mandera sets the Bar High

Perry Mandera is a model of excellence in the field of logistics and transportation. He really solidified himself as a leader in the industry when he became the founder and CEO of The The Custom Companies, Inc. He has been honing his skills as a professional for nearly half a century. At this point in his carer he has forgotten more than many will ever know. Having accomplished so much in his career it can be hard to take an in depth look into his many achievements.


Mandera is a veteran, serving in the marines before pursuing a career in logistics. Mandera says his time spent serving his country was some of the best times of his life. He attributes much of his keen professionalism to this point of his life. He became interested in shipping services while in charge of transporting troops and supplies. He was able to see how shipping services can impact an overall goal in the long run.


When Mandera’s tour of duty was over he decided to enter the world of politics. He became the Republican Ward Committeeman for the 26th ward in Chicago in 1984. This made him the youngest committeeman in Chicago’s history.


Mandera is also an avid philanthropist. He donates funds and resources toward many charitable initiatives. He even spends some of his free time searching for new nonprofit organizations to support. He believes it is his duty to help those in need when they need a helping hand. He is especially passionate about helping children succeed in the future.


As a businessman Mandela has received many accolades for his amazing work. What separates Mandera apart from other business leaders is his willingness to incorporate new technologies into his business operations. He is always on the lookout for tech that may take his business to the next level. His foresight may be his most valuable attribute as a businessman.


Though he has had massive success Mandera makes sure he never becomes complacent. He is always trying to better both his company and himself. His commitment to excellence makes him one of the individuals that sets the bar high in the field of logistics.