Cotemar the Leader in Oil and Gas Industry

Cotemar is a company in the oil and gas industry in Mexico founded in 1979. The main services they offer are construction, maintenance and modernization and supporting operations by the maritime; they also provide food and accommodation to individuals working in the area. The company has made a huge impact in the industry because of the excellent service they provide. Pemex can testify that Cotemar’s contribution in its offshore oil project helped for its success.

When it comes to construction, modernization, maintenance and engineering, Cotemar gives the clients the best; they star from the prefabrication to assembling and equipment commissioning and service lines. The semi-submerged platform can move swiftly to help in providing best service. Food and accommodation are also part of the services offered at the coast; they do food preparation, laundry and cleaning the rooms, so as to offer a comfortable stay. Lastly, they offer specialized and marine support boats to provide transportation to people working, food and light materials. Cotemar has vessels for firefighting, towing and for carrying the heavy loads; regular inspection is done to make sure they are always safe and in good condition.

Working for Cotemar is a joy on its level; they do not only care about their employees but their families too. The employees are given decent jobs and a chance to grow professionally; they make sure it is a safe place to work and are concern about their health too. Cotemar organizes sporting events for employees and their families, so they promote a sense of belonging.

For the community around them, the firm social institutions and programs through games, promoting culture and creating jobs for the people. Environmental safety is one of their priorities and makes sure they involve in good practices that will not affect the environment negatively. At Cotemar, business ethics are followed to the latter, to make sure they maintain the company’s values.

Cotemar is a corporation that has done well since they started and has had a positive impact on not only Mexican economy but abroad too. Their professionalism has made them an organization that clients want to work with; they have experienced and skilled workforce that delivers exactly what customers want and need and are there for them all step of the way. It is a high performance company that continually evolves and grows in the oil and gas industry and it has gained great reputation from clients. Cotemar is truly a global leader.

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