Refreshing Waiakea Bottled Hawaiian Volcanic Water

Waiakea has distinguished themselves many ways from the traditional bottled water provider. The bottles are full of water fresh from Hawaiian volcanoes, some of the most refreshing water on Earth. Waiakea has also made some of the most degradable plastic water bottles on Earth and donates a week worth of clean water to charity for every bottle bought. Waiakea has set themselves apart as some of the cleanest, most ethical bottled water to drink on Earth.

Waiakea is a Hawaiian word meaning broad waters, and the water filling their bottle is filtered by running through 14,000 feet of rough volcanic rock going through The Mauna Lao Volcano. The volcanic water benefits include enriching the water with vitamins and minerals, as well as a high level of natural alkaline. These bottles have natural tropical water of Hawaii brought to another level coming out of The Mauna Lao Volcano.

Not only is this water made to be better for the consumer, but it is some of the worlds best bottled water for the climate. Typical bottled water can take 1000s of years to degrade into the environment, Waiakea has made their bottled to degrade especially fast, in under 15 years! This can be a major help with pollution as our oceans are lined with the long degrading water bottles from just the several decades. As well as degradable bottles Waiakea has been certified carbon neutral since they use low-emission trucks to deliver their products.

As well as their volcanic water, and polution fighting solutions, Waiakea works to make an impact on the people around them. For every pint of Waiakea water sold the company donates a weeks worth of clean water is donated to people in need in Malawi. An additional three percent of Waiakea’s profits are donated to local community projects or nonprofits.

Hawaii volcanic water retailer Waiakea gives us some of the worlds greatest water, and is leading in the reform of plastic water bottles. While many competitors are destroying the environment around us Waiakea has helped theirs in every way.,18.htm

A Look At ID Life Founder, Logan Stout And His Company’s Latest Partnership

Health and fitness company, ID Life has just announced a deal to partner with Garmin, which is a leader in fitness tracking devices. Starting next month, ID Life subscribers can purchase wearable tracking equipment from Garmin right on the ID Life website. Both vivo fit trackers and the Garmin smart scale will be up for sale. The reason why people will want to buy fitness and activity tracking devices directly from ID Life is because Garmin and ID Life have teamed up to allow the syncing of data from both companies.

With the partnership between Garmin and ID Life, data that is recorded by a Garmin device will be automatically uploaded to your ID Life profile and plan page on the web. This eliminates the need to manually upload exercise and other activities you have done. Metrics such as your heart rate, MBI and other measures of your body profile will also be uploaded. The result will be a one stop shop of sorts where you can see your nutritional and activity levels at ID Life. This is all thanks to the new partnership and some syncing technology.

The vivo activity tracker connects to the net and sends data via WiFi so you will have to have access to a WiFi connection for the data to be transmitted to the ID life website. If you lack access any data can be manually uploaded from the device to your computer and then to ID Life. The Vivo tracker can also be used underwater for swimming and other water sports. It will also measure things such as sleep and number of workouts. This will make sticking to an ID Life plan that much easier.

A Quick Look At The Founder Of ID Life, Logan Stout

The founder and chief executive officer of ID Life is a highly accomplished man named Logan Stout. Mr. Stout has a very diverse background that spans across sports, the Christian ministry, business, personal coaching and writing. Logan Stout is also a motivational speaker who reaches people across the world.

Besides ID Life, Logan Stout is famous for authoring the book called  Stout Advice: The Secrets to Building Yourself, People, and Teams. This book is a best seller and highly popular for business people, religious organizations and sports teams. It is also worth noting that Logan Stout is a former MLB player and coach who has played in the World Series 10 times in his baseball career.