Doug Levitt: A Voice For The Struggling

When it comes to people that are faced with struggles, they are all but forgotten. Fortunately, there are people like Doug Levitt that are looking to provide a voice for them. Doug Levitt is a singer songwriter who is also writing a book about the struggling in America. Often times, people look at those that are struggling as if they are invisible at best. However, the people that are struggling are also human and they have the right to be heard. Fortunately, Doug Levitt has decided to travel by Greyhound for 10 years so that he can get the stories that are traveling.

Levitt has also decided to gather pictures of families so that he could put a face to each story. Each of the stories that one would read in his book are going to be filled with a lot of heartache as well as inspiration. For one thing, it could let people know that no matter how far one falls, it is never too late. He could climb back up and get his life back on track. It also lets other struggling people know that they are not alone. When they read these stories, they may get the motivation they need to keep pushing forward.

Doug Levitt also offers free concerts so that people could listen some of his greatest hits. He also has songs that he has written based on the stories that he has collected during his travels on the Greyhound Bus. His project for The Greyhound Diaries is an ongoing project which he models after the WPA initiatives back in the 1930s. His intentions are similar to the initiatives which is to show a fuller picture of America which include the people that are struggling to get by. Doug Levitt has spoken on the issue in various interviews.

Norka Martinez Luque: The New Music Talent

Norka Martinez Luque is a new air of positivity that motives each one of us to pursue their dreams. Her story is one that is full of inspiration and motivation where the impossibilities are a vocabulary that never exists. Norka Luque is a Venezuelan dreamer who discovered her love and passion for music at a very tender age. She has always had a clear goal in the music period.

As a young child together with the unconditional support that came from her parents, she began classes in the musical training classes at her academic education with ballet, piano, and flamenco. Norka Luque studied a degree in business administration in France and received a degree in marketing, culinary art as well as fashion. In France, she had a very excellent opportunity to become part of a band that was in operation in France. She kept on being connected to her dreams in pursuing music as a lifetime goal.

It was not until four years ago when Luque met Emilio Estefan, a music producer, and showed her that she was interested in hearing her piece. This was the biggest door that ever opened for her, and she seized the opportunity with both of her hands. It was one rare opportunity tat many talented upcoming artists never find quickly. She felt that the producer liked her music and started working with him he felt like working with him was a miracle that she had never had in her life before because she kept learning something new every day she was with him in the studio. Emilio used to say that she was a very talented singer. Luque’s faith and belief made her feel that she would be one of the world most sought musicians.

A great team of producers, under Emilio Estefan’s direction, and the composition of Hermanos Gaitan, Luigi Giraldo, Archie Pena, and many others played a part of the creation of the song Milagro, which is the song that is currently being promoted together with El crate. The song has been a major hit in the United States of America, Venezuela, Puerto Roco and many other places.

Norka “Como Lo Haces Tu” from Kenneth Alvarez / KAVE DIGITAL on Vimeo.