The Freedom to Talk with FreedomPop

Are you tired of the over priced international cell phone bills you receive. If you are, chances are you really would like a new phone service that you can use while traveling. After all, your plane ticket shouldn’t cost less than talking on the cell phone. That is why FreedomPop is here to help you out. The company has made a name for itself creating low cost wireless services for individuals throughout the United States. Now, as the company has grown, it is setting its sights onto offering services for world travelers and international services as well. So, if you want to save some cash, this might be the service for you.

For starters, FreedomPop is offering a global hotspot service and international SIM card. The global hotspot makes it possible to connect to WiFi spots around the world at any time. This is a $49.99 service currently, and with it users gain access to these hotspots. When connected to a hotspot, users of the service can make phone calls, text message and access the Internet as much as they want without any sort of limit.

When someone is in an open area, they do have 200 MB a month while on the plan to use. This is good for texting and making some phone calls. For anyone who might want to place more phone calls or access the Internet at a greater rate, all they need to do is purchase additional data from the company. 500 MB is only $10 more and it can be used whenever. This way, for someone who does need to access the Internet but can’t connect to a hotspot, they still have an option.

This is a growing service and while it is only available in 25 countries currently, it is going to expand to over 40 by the end of the year, with more and more countries coming under the fold to work with FreedomPop.