Vinod Gupta: Conscious Business Model Is The Future


Profits are, of course, an important aspect of investing in and running a company. No matter what industry, if a company cannot make a profit it will not be able to attract investors and survive. However, for some, investing and business is about more than just profits. Operating a business in a “conscious” manner is now becoming more trendy and may even become an essential part of business success in the future. Refer to This Article for more information.


Vision of success

Vin Gupta is a successful entrepreneur and investor who understands this, as the current CEO of Everest Group. Since he was quite young, Gupta was determined to be successful in life and in business. He worked incredibly hard for many years which resulted in huge personal financial success. With a single investment of only $100 he was able to turn that into a company now worth $680 million.


Community is a part of success

However, part of Vin Gupta’s vision extended beyond just his own personal success. He always wanted to intertwine his personal success into his desire to do good for his community. Gupta used his resources and wealth to empower others by providing opportunities in business, finance and education.

For example, As part of his advocacy to Women’s Education and Gender Equality, Gupta helped start a polytechnic school in his hometown village in India for women in order to help address the country’s gender education gap. He also funded a girls’ school in his hometown, providing everything the school needed to start and maintain operations.


Conscious business model trend

The long-time businessman and investor believes that consumers in the marketplace are paying more attention to the impact of their purchasing decisions. Vin Gupta believes that a business will actually lose potential profits due to not being socially conscious as a result of the current consumer trend. On the other hand, companies which recognize this trend and make earnest efforts towards a more socially and environmentally conscious business model will reap the rewards, according to Gupta’s prediction about the future of investing and business.


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Vinod Gupta: Billionaire With Humble Beginnings


Vinod Gupta was born July 4th in 1946 in Rampur Manhyaran, India. At this time the community he lived in lacked cars, paved roads, running water and electricity. His parents worked hard so he could attend the local school in the community. From 1964 to 1967 Vinod Gupta served in the Indian Air Force.

After his service, he earned a scholarship to attend college in the United States where he attended the University of Nebraska and earned a master’s degree. He later worked for Commodore Corporation as a research analyst. The company wanted him to make a list of all the mobile home dealers in the United States.

Vinod Gupta ordered numerous yellow books to create his own master list because the information he was receiving was not complete. His employer was upset because the yellow books took up too much space in the office and he threatened to fire him if they were not removed immediately. His employer also refused to let him use company time to complete this task, however, he did offer that if he completed a master list he would purchase it from him. Go To This Page for additional information.

Vinod Gupta completed the list, but instead of selling it to his employer, he gave it to him for free but kept the rights to the list. He earned more money from keeping the rights and selling the list to other entities than he would if his employer had purchased it.

The funds he earned enabled him to start his first business called American Business List in 1972. It was in 1993 that he took his company public. By 1997 the company had over a thousand employees and was raking in annual revenues of over $100 million. The company had been renamed to InfoGROUP and it was bought out for $680 million.

Today, Mr. Gupta oversees Focus Group, which is a company, which offers venture capital for database technology startups and acquires struggling businesses to make them profitable.

The Focus Group’s mission revolves around the vision of Mr. Gupta who wants to extend helping hand to new entrepreneurs, who have an idea just like Mr. Gupta. Unlike the early years of Mr. Gupta, these new entrepreneurs will have a sponsor in the form of Focus Group.

Over the years, Vinod has given back to the community and is especially committed to education. He acknowledges that its one the most effective tools of fighting poverty and as such has been very determined to grow education in India.


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In recent news, the Coriant executives have announced the position of CEO being filled by Shaygan Kheradpir who is an expert in networking solution as well as leadership. Coriant was able to earn this position at Coriant after working with the executives of the company one year prior when Mr. Kheradpir was still a partner at Marlin Equity Partners. Mr. Kheradpir was more than qualified for this position as he has already held many executive positions at major companies such as GTE, Verizon, and Juniper. As a perfectly qualified candidate, Mr. Kheradpir is excited to use his skills to further improve the business.

With the help of Mr. Kheradpir, Coriant will continue to offer innovative and dynamic networking solutions to each and every client. Not only is the network able to minimize the overall operating complexity, but Coriant has also been able to create new revenue generating services that has further expanded the company globally. Coriant offers the consumer with products that are innovative and that can fit any single platform including mobile, video, as well as the cloud. The innovation of this company means that the company is optimized to give businesses exactly what they want.

With over 28 years of experience in industries such as business, financing, as well as telecom, Mr. Kheradpir was chosen for his special set of skills that can be used to only benefit this company even more. Prior to his new position with Coriant, Mr. Kheradpir was an Operating Partner with Marlin Equity. Coriant decided to work with Mr. Kheradpir after working with him for a brief period prior to becoming CEO. Coriant not only wants him for his leadership skills, but also for the promise that he will truly improve this company even more.

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