Talk Fusion Brings Innovation To The World Of Marketing

Talk Fusion offers an innovative yet simple solution for your marketing needs. With simple one click emails, business owners have the ability to reach more potential clients and customer with less time and effort. Talk Fusion adds a personal touch ti the word of marketing and advertising. by combining modern technology with communication, Talk Fusion delivers a new and exciting way to reach your potential client base. The video marketing feature received the 2010 Communications Solutions Product of The Year Award presented by the Technology Marketing Corporation. This award marks the second award received by Talk Fusion in 2016 for their innovative new marketing technique. Co-founder of Talk Fusion Bob Reina says customer should expect to see much more in the near future, and that the simple email marketing video is only the beginning.Your text to link…

Talk Fusion was founded by Bob Reina with a goal of assisting small business and startups with promising their brand. Originally, the company’s primary focus was video email marketing. Understanding the importance of maintaining competitive advertisement is important to the success of your business. In 2014, in an effort to keep up with the increased use of technology Talk Fusion expanded their offerings. Aside from video email, Talk Fusion now offers a mobile app called “Fusion On The Go”, a video newsletter and an E-subscription service that offers video autoresponders.

Business owners can choose from several different packages, and even have a chance to earn commission for sharing the Talk Fusion opportunity with their friends and family.The Talk Fusion software and platform are both available on any and every device. Businesses all over the word have enjoyed the unique and competitive marketing options offered through Talk Fusion. The ability to freely and quickly connect and communicate with potential clients is what sets Talk Fusion apart from its competitors. The team at Talk Fusion works tirelessly to promote better living and help empower business owners and professionals one click at a time.

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Talk Fusion Founder & CEO Bob Reina’s Mission to Change Lives

Slyce’s Financial Report and Fourth Quarter Results for 2015

Slyce, a premier firm in the visual technology industry, has experienced tremendous achievements since it launched its visual-search, and recognition application in February 2013.Its technology allows users to take a picture of a desired item, search and purchase it through their smartphone.

Vital Client Deals during the Fourth Quarter

Slyce announced a collaboration with SHOES.COM on August 12 2015. SHOE.COM is a highly growing online retailer in footwear. Consequently, the firm intends to use Slyce’s visual search and image recognition application to allow prospective clients visiting purchase any preferred pair of shoe through several clicks or taps.

In addition, the company later announced a partnership with the Urban Outfitters. The contract between the two entities is meant to boost mobile commerce. Consequently, clients are in a position to procure their favorite brand from any Urban Outfitters store in Europe, United States, and Canada.

Financial Highlights and 4th Quarter Results for the Year Ended 31 October 2015


It announced that its income for the year completed 31 October 2015 increased by a margin of 1784%. This was from the previous year’s $89803 to $1692292.Slyce proclaimed that the recurring revenue resulted from deployment and integration.

Quarter Revenue Results

The quarter ended with an increase in revenue by $1683, which saw the revenue results rise from $78560 in 2014 to $661458 in 2015.Consequently, the fourth quarter total results increased by 27%, which was higher than the third quarter.

Operating Expenses

Increased marketing initiatives and acquisitions by Slyce attributed to the rise in operating expenditure. The expenses rose from $6900310 in 2014 to $11639430 to 2015.

Quarter Operating Expenditure

The quarter expenditure incraes4d from 2014’s $2001060 to a total of $2946712 on the fourth quarter. Primarily, this was due to increased operations due to growth in sales initiatives.

Technological Advancements

On 14 July 2015, Slyce announced its newest technology in visual search applications, Craves. The Craves application is a fashion application geared towards facilitating shopping endeavors. In addition, it extended Pounce, its 3D application, to an android platform.