After Four Short Years Darius Fisher’s Company Has Shot To The Top

Videos, short clips, and pictures now make up the majority of our media base but not all of these viral pieces of other people’s lives reflect a positive nature. In a world where an entire judge of character can be based off a six second clip its easy to see why Status Labs has rocketed up to the top and gained a heavy attraction from many people who find themselves in unwanted spotlight. In as little as five years Darius Fisher, co-founder of Status Labs, has created a tight knit group of up to thirty employees that handle anything from a simple unwanted blog post to an entire media storm on all aspects of the internet. Based in Dallas, Texas this online reputation management firm has expanded globally to over 1,600 clients spanning from CEOs, politicians, and business figureheads.

Darius Fisher is a graduate of Vanderbilt University and got his start as a copy writer for a major publishing company. Afterwards he worked on a political campaign before finding an interest in finances. His success in investments lead to the start of his company Status Labs which was launched in 2010. Initially the company had a single office in Texas and barely hit over twenty-five employees including himself and his former co-founder. Fisher himself is responsible for finding investors for Status Labs as well as meeting and creating lasting business relationships with large scale companies who could eventually need his services.

Now Status Labs is the top online reputation management company and proved they can truly handle a digital media crises like true professionals. Fisher’s former co-founder had allegedly altered Wikipedia entry pages against the websites policy and he later resigned. Since that incident last year Fisher and his company have revamped their morals and values to ensure their clients they are a wholesome and dedicated company. Recently Fisher initiated a monthly newsletter to inform his employees of company milestones, recent hires, and policy changes to keep his team centered and on the same page. Status Labs recently expanded with two new offices in New York and Sao Paulo.

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