A Winter Fundraiser Launched by Ross Abelow

New York City residents can turn to qualified attorneys to help them when they are experiencing a problem that requires legal help. These attorneys have proved time and again that they are qualified to help meet the needs of their clients. Most attorneys in New York have worked hard to help their clients defend their rights and win legal cases. Many New York attorneys have reached out to the community by doing volunteer work and raising money for important causes. For example, Ross Abelow has recently launched a campaign that will benefit straight animals in New York City.

Ross Abelow is an experienced New York attorney. He has more than 25 years of experience working as a family and matrimonial lawyer. He recently became a partner at a law firm that is named after him and his partner. He is keenly interested in helping his clients. He works hard to stay up to date on new laws that are being made and learning about new techniques that can be used to help his clients.

In addition to working with clients who hire him, many individuals have been able to benefit from the free legal advice that he has provided. He maintains a personal blog that addresses a variety of legal issues. At times, he has written financial blogs that benefit others as well. Individuals who are interested in benefiting from this advice can follow Ross Abelow’s Facebook and Mashable accounts.

Ross Abelow would like to get the word out there that donating to his winter fundraiser is an extremely important cause. Animals that do not have homes suffer when winter comes. The cold temperatures can even lead to animals dying when they are not able to find shelter. Ross Abelow would like to raise awareness about this problem. He hopes to raise at least $5,000. The money will be beneficial in expanding the space that is available for homeless animals and also to purchase necessary items in order to take care of the animals.

Many New York residents are surprised when they take an animal to a shelter and they are turned away. They may be forced to just put the animal back where they found it and hope for the best. Unfortunately, the animal usually suffers and may even die.