Michael Hagele’s Starter Pack For Fresher Bikers

More people are becoming interested in mountain biking. It is a simple sport yet most people get intimidated by just watching professional bikers while at it. Michael Hagele is an experienced biker who enjoys the activity, and he points out that novice bikers should not shy away from the sport that can be quickly learned when approached with a positive attitude. Several mountain biking camps across the United States offer lessons to beginners. Another way of acquiring the skill is from riding with a more experienced biker according to Hagele. View Michael Hagele’s profile at linkedin.com

A great way to start out is by training at mountain biking parks found in most of the urban areas like Atlanta. These parks present beginner riders with the different types of terrains they may encounter on a riding trail since terrains differ according to a region’s topography. Michael Hagele points out that these parks are an excellent place for beginners to interact with expert riders and learn from them.

Michael Hagele insists that acquiring the right equipment is an essential investment for those who want to start mountain biking. Not only will the right gear and equipment guarantee the safety of the biker, but it will also make the experience more comfortable, smooth and enjoyable. In regards to safety, he also advises fresher bikers to always carry personal identification when out riding.

Before hitting the riding trail, a biker should ensure they are in good shape since riding is an intensive form of physical exercise. A biker should eat a well- balanced meal with enough calories and do light exercises to warm up their muscles before they get on the mountain bike. Carrying a bottle of water is essential for re-hydration while on the riding trail.

Michael Hagele admits apart from keeping him in good form, riding refreshes his mind and provides him with new perspectives that he applies in his business. He is an acclaimed legal consultant for biotechnology, defense, aerospace, and internet firms. Hagele received his law degree from the University of California. He has also invested in restaurant services and the hospitality industry. He urges entrepreneurs to engage in physical exercise to clear their heads.

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Sujit Choudhry Writes About Democratic Backsliding

Comparative Constitutional Law Professor Sujit Choudhry is an internationally recognized source of information when it comes to constitutional and political issues. Over the past two decades he has not only taught at universities about these subjects but he has also helped out in a practical manner with nations who are trying to go from violence in the streets to a nation that is orderly run as a peaceful democracy (blogs.law.nyu.edu). He has helped many nations make this transition which includes complex areas such as minority and group rights, constitutional design, semi-presidentialism, federalism, official language policy, and similar items.

Professor Choudhry is also a researcher and author. His latest book is entitled, “Constitutional Democracies in Crisis?” He has written that the threat to constitutional democracy has been evolving ever since the Cold War was finished (works.bepress.com).  One example he uses is the Law and Justice Party of Poland, known as PiS. He says this is a very right-wing party which is populist and nationalist in nature. It was in the 2015 elections that they won a majority of the seats in Poland’s parliament, the Sejm, and every since they have been undermining Poland’s democracy.

Sujit Choudhry wrote in his latest book that PiS first focused on undermining that nation’s Constitutional Court and their regular courts as well. PiS has launched multiple lawsuits that seem distinct on the surface and yet they create a cohesive theme of undermining constitutional democracy. They have also instituted new rules and procedures meant to keep PiS in power permanently. He says they have purposely gone at an uneven pace to remake Poland as an authoritarian and nationalist government. They overwhelm with periods of intense activity followed up by not doing much of anything.

As an authority on politics, Sujit Choudhry talks about “democratic backsliding”. This is when a nation was under authoritarian rule, becomes a constitutional democracy, and the old forces try to chip away at this democracy in order to return the country to being ruled with an iron fist. He has written that there is no bright line between what a democracy is and what an autocracy looks like but you will know it when you see it.

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