Andy Wirth Talks with KCRW

The drought that is currently on the West Coast has affected millions of individuals through the amount of consumed water as well as habits that have been drastically affected. With this drought, domestic households as well as businesses have been affected and have had to cut back significantly for fear of running out of this scarce resource.

Of the many businesses and individuals that have had to cut back due to this plaguing drought, one industry in particular has been affected in a devastating manner. this industry is the ski industry and has relied on the amount of annual rainfall.

To find out how the lack of rainfall has truly affected businesses that specialize in the ski industry, the KCRW radio station interviewed one prominent individual who was able to represent not only his ski resort, but also the industry of skiing. The individual was able to offer expert opinion as well as his current plans for the future to come with regards to the drought.

The individual that KCRW chose to interview was Andy Wirth who is the proud CEO as well as the proud President of the Squaw Valley Ski Resort. This ski resort is located in the Tahoe Valley and has been affected especially by the lack of snowfall.

Andy Wirth was able to sit down with KCRW to talk about his own opinion of the survival of his ski resort. As a businessman as well as a lover of the outdoors, Andy Wirth surprised both the public as well as the hosts of the radio show when he stated that he expects that his company will not falter and will even be expected to grow and collect even more revenue.

Andy Wirth elaborates on this expected outcome when he states that as a businessman, it is important to be prepared for anything to come. With that said, this drought that has been affecting so many households and businesses will not ruin his booming ski resort due to the fact that he has many plans for his ski resort in the future.

When being interviewed, Andy Wirth states that he and his team would begin by investing in the snow making business. This would mean that business would no longer be reliant on the amount of annual rainfall or snowfall. If this were to become the only ski resort that would offer ski slopes that are covered in snow, Mr. Wirth even states that his company will bring in more customers than ever and bring in more revenue.

In addition to this prediction, Andy With also answered a question during the interview that states that his business would be able to withstand an infinite amount of winters despite the snowfall.

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