Chris Burch, the serial entrepreneur

Chris Burch was born into a middle-class family of 10 children. The 64-year old’s father was a distributor of mining equipment and supplies in Wayne, Pennsylvania. He began entrepreneurship while still a student at the Ithaca College. He and his brother started a business with a two thousand dollar investment called Eagle’s Eye Apparel in which they would purchase sweaters and sell them making a fifty percent profit on each (

Initially, Eagle’s Eye exclusively operated in campus but with time expanded to other universities. Within a decade, Eagle’s has grown to make 140 million dollars in total sales and opened close to 50 retail stores all over the country. In 1989, part of the company was sold to Swire Group.

In 2004, Burch and his wife launched the Tory Burch fashion label in which he played the role of co-chairman. The tag is currently worth over 3.5 billion dollars. Chris Burch went on to start the J. Christopher Capital LLC in 2008. This company was founded to manage his investments and rear his new brands. Christopher Capital LLC is currently known as the Burch Creative Capital (

In 2011, Chris Burch established a home decor, apparel, and accessories retailer under the name C. Wonder which was later on sold to Xcel Brands. In addition to his fashion industry related work, Burch has also been involved in a number of real estate projects including the Faena Hotel and Universe located in Buenos Aires that he co-founded with Allan Faena and Phillipe Stark. He has also made several purchases, renovation and sold luxury homes and was also a supplier of construction materials to real estate developers.

In 2013, Chris Burch acquired the Nihiwatu Resort in collaboration with Hotelier, James McBride. He carried out renovations in the facility that cost him close to thirty million dollars and reopened it in 2015 ( The facility is home to breathtaking spars that are located under waterfalls. It has beautiful scenery with outstanding vegetation, water features and 27 states of the art villas, each complete with a pool. One of them is Burch’s home. Chris Burch is an exceptional entrepreneur who is not afraid to venture into any industry provided he sees a potential hence his billionaire status.