Peter Briger on supporting Entrepreneurship and attaining career success.

Peter Briger has come to be known as one of the most influential business professionals in the United States. His achievements in the financial industry have been the main contributors to this success, having come from entry-level employee to CEO and principal of a multi-billion dollars private asset management firm the Fortress Investment Group. The personal achievements of Peter Briger have also gone on to help achieve more in his public life as well. He is one of the most adherent supporters of the Princeton Entrepreneurs program. This is a program dedicated towards the advancement of entrepreneurs from the university together with anyone else as long as the group has at least one current student or former student from the university. The success of the program has already started making an impact in the university as well as out here.

Peter Briger having gone through the steps himself, he understood clearly what it takes to build a successful product or business from scratch and grow it to an industry leader. Having worked at Goldman Sachs, where there were various funds meant for the advancement of such and others meant for investments in startups the opportunities were clear to him. At Goldman Sachs, where he was a partner, his efforts had seen him rise through the ranks and come to head the Asian management committee a committee which was largely in charge of the Asian portfolio. He was also part of the leadership that oversaw the Asian special opportunities fund. This fund was dedicated towards the opportunities that seemed unique and maybe even new to the market but showed promise going forward. Having worked in such a dynamic environment, Peter Briger understood that always waiting for potential investment opportunities to prove themselves was not always the way to go. This was one of the reasons why his tenure at Fortress Investment Group has been so successful. At Fortress, he has been very instrumental in the creation of a credit fund that is geared towards the financing such new ideas and was able to raise 5 billion dollars for the same in 2015. A Force of Innovation: Two Decades of Fortress Investment Group

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Madison Street Capital Makes It To The 15th Annual M&A Advisor Awards

In the recent past, Madison Street Capital was announced as a finalist for the prestigious 15th Annual M&A Advisor Awards. In the financial industry, the awards are regarded as an epitome of achievement. It seeks to recognize expertise in financing and restructuring, deal making as well as contributions and achievements made by different professionals and firms.

The Chicago-based investment banking institution has been nominated in the International and Industrial Deal of the Year as well as Boutique Investment Banking Firm of the Year. The former nominated Madison Street Capital because of its role in facilitating Dowco to acquire Acuna and Asociados S.A. Karl D’Cunha, senior managing director of the investment firm, led the transaction.

Charles, CEO and founder of Madison Street Company, asserted that the company was pleased to work with its longstanding client, Dowco. He continued to posit that they were honored to be nominees for the Boutique Investment Banking Firm of the Year award. Charles concluded by saying that the company’s dealmakers carries out their duties in multiple time zones in order to connect the clients with emerging and growing businesses that can satisfy their utility. Karl said that the acquisition of Acuna and Asociados was an intricate cross-border transaction involving many moving parts. The managing director could not hide his joy for their efforts to be recognized. The 15th Annual M&A Advisor Awards Gala shall be held at the New York Athletic Club on Wednesday, November 9. The winners shall be announced on this day. This information was originally mentioned on as outlined in the following link

About Madison Street Capital
This investment firm is renowned for providing merger and acquisition expertise, financial advisory services, valuation services as well as financial opinions to both private and public entities around the globe. Madison Street Capital has enlisted the services of experienced and qualified professionals. These experts have specialized in partnering with different middle-market institutions across many industry verticals as well as niche markets. The unique needs of each client are analyzed in order to have the best match between sellers and buyers besides creating capitalization structures and arranging for appropriate funding in order to optimize the potentials of clients.

The company’s expertise is anchored on four crucial areas. They are extensive network, professional depth, investment banking and independent valuation services. Under its professional depth, Madison Street Capital has unrivaled leadership, national footprint, loads of experience and observes the highest levels of professional standards. The company’s extensive network encompasses a wide range of financial and strategic contacts, connections with different decision-makers and broad resources. The investment firm’s strengths lie in its experience on merger and acquisition as well as raising of capital, ESOP and corporate finance advisory. The others are private placements and financial restructuring. In its independent valuation services, Madison Street Capital has professionals that have vast knowledge on matters of tax compliance, litigation support and financial reporting. The company is also able to undertake portfolio valuation as well as fairness and solvency opinions. This information was originally published on Slide share as provided in the link below

Madison Street Capital is a Leader in Investment Banking

The 4th edition of Madison Capital’s hedge fund industry M&A overview reported a significant growth in the number of hedge fund deals in the year 2015 as opposed to that of the previous year. The number of transactions was pegged at 42, and exceeded by far, the 32 transactions recorded in the year 2014. Despite the existence of mediocre hedge fund strategies, hedge funds industry assets are at an all-time high and this show good prospects for the year 2016. To mitigate against liabilities and the slow performance of hedge funds, institutional investors are investing in alternative asset management sectors for increased returns. Downward pressure on fees and higher operational costs are forcing many smaller hedge fund managers to consider alternative strategies.

However, the hedge fund environment looks promising for the year 2016 considering the high performance of 2015. The existing environment is influencing a number of innovative strategies in comparison to the most traditional ones like the M&A way of transacting. The trend now is in the structuring of transactions as seed incubator deals, share revenue stakes, PE stakes, PE bolt on and so on. Consolidation through partnerships is the emerging trend in the highly fragmented hedge fund industry. These strategy is proving to be highly effective in bridging the distribution to the product offering.

Madison Street Capital LLC is a privately owned company based in Chicago Illinois. It is a global investment banking company whose core business is the provision of financial advisory services, financial opinions, mergers and acquisition expertise and valuation of both private owned and public owned businesses. Madison has a subsidiary broker-dealer known as Madison Street Capital Broker Dealer, LLC which is a registered broker-dealer and a member of the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority. The investment banking company has a team of highly professional and dedicated experts able to provide financial services and opinions of the highest quality. It has a global network of industry sectors around the world involved in services like Private debt placements, M&A transactions, Valuation, Fairness and Solvency Opinions, Capital Raisings, Restructuring and ESOP Advisory.

Its professionals work for diverse companies in many sectors including in their Boards, Special Committees, and shareholders. They are able to assess the particular needs of their clients and come up with an appropriate match between the buyers and sellers. They are also able to create structures of capitalization that enable their clients to optimize their potential. Also on their docket are aspects of financial reporting, tax compliance, portfolio evaluation among other financial services. As an investment banking firm with a global reach, Madison Street Capital has been able to provide financial services to many companies around the globe and is considered as a leader in the industry.

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Highland Capital Management Will Participate in Argentina’s Return to the International Bond Market

James Dondero, the president and CEO of Highland Capital Management, oversees more than $19 billion in assets. Highland Capital has a diversified investment portfolio, but Argentina bonds were never part of that portfolio until 2014. That’s when Dondero started to see another major crack in the Argentina’s government. The management style that President Christina Fernandez Kitchener used was the old Peronist style, and it wasn’t working. In fact, James Dondero told that it hadn’t worked in over 20 years.

James Dondero knows a lot about global investments. He is considered one of the best credit and equity managers in the industry. The company he founded in 1992, Highland Capital Management, has been honored by several associations for the work the company has done in various sectors of the industry. Highland Capital’s Healthcare Fund is well respected in the industry, and the company’s other sectors; energy, consumer, technology are equally respected.

Highland Capital investors didn’t want anything to do with Argentina because of the country’s default record. More than one hedge fund was burned by Argentina’s decision to default on bonds over the last fifteen years. James Dondero was smart enough to stay away, but in 2014 his attitude toward Argentina bonds changed. The energy sector fund was being torn apart by oil prices, and Dondero needed an investment to offset those losses.

Mr. Dondero studied Argentina’s economy and the decisions the government made, so he knew investing in Argentine bonds was extremely risky, but he had enough faith that the Kitchener administration would not come out on top in the 2015 elections. Highland Capital made its first big investment in Argentina’s debt in 2014. Dondero knew he made the right decision.

Mauricio Macri, the son of a wealthy lawyer and a civil engineer by trade, defeated Kitchener in 2015. Macri vowed to get Argentina’s economy moving in the right direction again. One of the first things Macri accomplished as president was reissuing bonds to the hedge funds that had been battling Argentina for payment for more than fifteen years. His next step was to rebuild the central bank and the finance ministry. Then he announced a $12 billion bond offering that would be available in April 2016. Jim Dondero told that Highland Capital would buy a major portion of that debt.

No one knows if Argentina’s reintroduction to the international bond market will work. But Dondero thinks it will, and he is usually right about things like that.

Madison Street Capital Progress Contributed By Its Esteemed Chief Executive Officer

Certainly the huge success for the company since its initiation can be related to its esteemed chief executive officer Charles Botchway. Botchway is the lead in the firm managing the activities and advisories of the firm he is also the founder and chief executive officer of the firm overseeing all the activities and operations of the firm. He explains how Madison Street Capital ensures that the clients are improved once they come into contact with them. They understand clients by telling them facts about their mid-sized business. Apparently Charles has identified the success of a manufacturing client who approached them for capital to expand the business but in the process, the midsized owner passed on leaving his sons under the duty of the firm. In return, the firm was able to help them identify another creditor and in return, they reported huge success after a year.

Botchway explains challenges that entrepreneurs in low and mid-sized firms. They face tough times with little profits and trying to avoid taxes which could affect them largely in future after they start making huge profits. In addition, Charles advises on saving profits, monitoring finances and records because it will matter highly in case the firm wants to develop in future. In addition, he is positive that emerging companies are performing greatly in the market despite the tough economic times, all is required is precautions on records and figures in the firm.

Madison Street Capital is a global midsized investment banking firm which majors a lot in mergers and acquisitions of a company. The firm has an ability to assist over 200 clients every year in advisories and valuations and financial, strategic assistance. Over time, Madison Street Capital has been helping firms by connecting them to esteemed creditors and connecting complementary buyers and sellers. For every startup or already established Madison Street Capital have the answer to important moves in the company. If it’s a new project for the firm Madison will advise correctly on what he project and the transaction mean for the future of the firm.

With offices in Africa, North America, and Asia Madison Street Capital has dedicated itself to open discussions with clients. They tell facts and are incomparable to advisors who would say what is pleasing. Madison professionals ensure that once a mid-sized firm is in contact with them; their whole strategy brings a great shift for the firm. The professionals are seasonal, and Charles has ensured they give working recommendations. In addition, Madison Street Capital help firms undergoing depression or recovering from disaster surpass it smoothly. The firm is also a great advisor for all hedge funds.

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